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7 Drinks You Shouldn't Have After Dinner

By Chandreyee Sen
Drinks You Should Avoid Post Dinner | BoldSky

Eat whole, drink water, stay active, and be healthy-this should be the motto of everyone's life. A drink is a necessity for every food that you consume. Staying hydrated in any form whether by drinking water, energy drink, or soup, is always healthy during the most time of the day.

But at night, you need be cautious about what you drink. Drinking water all throughout the day will keep you hydrated and aid in the process of digestion, but there are certain drinks that you should never have after dinner.

The drinks which we are talking about can be beneficial for you during the daytime but can have the reverse effect if consumed after dinner. These may cause health problems and make you unfit.

With so many drinking myths circulating over the internet, people are now aware of what drink is best suited for them. But studies reveal that any drink other the natural ones can be harmful to your health.

So, it is best that you avoid your soda drinks no matter how tempting they might be to you. While you think of drinking some unhealthy drinks, studies show that these drinks can show their worst effect at certain hours of the day.

Have you ever thought how harmful it can be to drink sugary drinks during bedtime? Well, you should consider it now because such drinks can induce your belly fat, make you look obese, and increase your health problems.

Let us have a look at the drinks that you shouldn't have after dinner.


1. Coffee With Creamer

On a chilly winter day, drinking coffee can be very relaxing. Many of us even like to drink it at night either to stay awake for late-night studies or to warm up ourselves.

In either case, you must limit your caffeine consumption and avoid it completely at night. This is because the whitener or coffee-mate powdered creamer partially contains corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

These ingredients make the cream much more tempting, but it is very harmful to your health. It is seen that hydrogenated vegetable oil contains fat and corn syrup contains sugar that makes it difficult for our body to metabolize it.


2. Diet Soda

If you wish to maintain a healthy waistline, then avoid drinking diet soda at night after dinner. Researchers suggest soft drinks and diet soda as liquid candies. This is due to their excessive content of sugar in them.

So, if you want to reduce the stubborn belly fat and are working hard for it, then consuming this artificial sugar just before bedtime will aggravate your problems even more. All your strenuous workout sessions will go in vain.


3. Cow’s Milk

Milk is a good source of calcium and helps to improve bone health. All of us are aware of this benefit that milk renders to use. But this is one of the most common myths of human beings. They believe that cow's milk is the best source to acquire vitamins, calcium, and protein.

But, in reality, cow's milk can be harmful to your bones. This is because of the presence of an acidic animal protein that removes calcium from the bones. Besides, milk is the source of calories, unwanted fat, antibiotics, and cholesterol. Thus, consuming milk right after dinner can increase your cholesterol level and store more fat.


4. Powdered Mixtures

Do you like to add crystal light powdered mixtures to your glass of water just before bedtime? If yes, then maybe unknowingly you are mixing artificial sweetener into your water just before sleeping.

These powdered mixtures, when entering the human body, can cause abdominal pain, anxiety, nausea, and headache. So, it is best to avoid these mixtures during bedtime.


5. Flavoured Water

Flavoured water can satiate your thirst and keep you hydrated in case you don't like drinking normal water. But anything that is not natural can harm your body. For example, if you consider a 20-ounce bottle of vitamin water, you will see that it contains 120 calories and 30 g of sugar in it. Drinking these artificial sweeteners can do potential harm to your body, especially if you drink it before bedtime.


6. Apple Juice

Drinking a fresh glass of apple juice is way better than having the ready-made ones that are available in the market. So, if you consider drinking a packaged apple juice right before bedtime, then think twice.

These packed juices contain added sucrose besides the natural fructose that we find in fresh juice. So, after sipping on a glass of apple juice, your stomach will get filled with nothing but sugar and fructose. Breaking them down is difficult, as our body performs no extra movement.


7. Sports Drinks

After a tiring day at the workplace if you consider drinking a sports drink to replenish the lost energy with the electrolyte content in it, then reconsider your thought.

It is advisable to avoid drinking sports drink at night only because you feel tired. Unless, you think of going to the gym after dinner or going for a marathon race, avoid drinking sports drink.

These drinks contain several elements which if not burnt down at the right time can damage your body and have its negative effect.

So, these are some of the drinks which you should avoid at night after dinner if you wish to remain active and stay healthy as well as reduce the stubborn belly fat.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 17, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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