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1 In 6 Breast Cancer Patients Do Not Have A Lump In Their Breasts; Know The Unknown Symptoms

Yes, what you heard is right! It's not just the formation of lumps that is the obvious sign of a breast cancer, but there are some other tell-tale signs as well like pain, abnormalities, rashes and swelling that you need to look out for.

Research found that one in six breast cancer victims do not have a lump in their breasts. It is important that you recognize these symptoms early, as late diagnosis will reduce a patient's chance of survival.

Women being unaware of the other symptoms of this disease will delay in going to the doctor. Diagnosing cancer earlier is the key to increase the chances of survival.

symptoms of breast cancer besides lumps

Experts found that 15% of women without a lump waited more than three months to see a doctor. This is dangerously late for the diagnosis to take place.

This is because people are unaware that breast cancer can be present in many different ways and not just in the form of a lump.

In this article, we have revealed some of the symptoms of breast cancer besides the formation of lumps. Read further to know about the unknown symptoms of breast cancer.


1. Change In Breast Size:

Sometimes, when you have cancer, one breast will grow larger than the other. You need to look out for a sudden change in breast size or a breast that continues to grow. Any unexpected change to your breast size warrants a call to your doctor. This is considered to be one of the breast cancer symptoms that is not lumps.


2. Breast Pain:

Breast cancer rarely causes pain. About 2% to 7% of women with painful breast lumps will be diagnosed with cancer. The pain will start when the lump presses on the nearby nerves. This is one of the symptoms of breast cancer, besides lumps.


3. Redness Or Rash:

It is important to look out for the signs of reddening or rash on the skin around the nerves. If this redness is an ongoing issue for quite sometime, then it could be a sign of something serious.


4. Nipple Discharge:

If a liquid comes out of the nipple without squeezing, then it is necessary to get it checked by a doctor. Leakage from the nipple is a symptom that you must never ignore.


5. Swelling In The Armpit And Around The Collarbone:

Breast tissue can be found under the armpits and up to the collarbone, so you may notice an unusual swelling in the area. While checking your breasts for possible signs, you also need to check all around the breasts and the surrounding area.


6. Change In The Skin Texture:

From puckering to the slightest hint of a dimple, changes in the skin's appearance on your breasts can be a sign of cancer. This is also one of the unknown symptoms of breast cancer.


7. An Inverted Nipple:

If your nipple suddenly starts to be pulled inwards or changes in its shape or position in any way, it could be a warning sign of breast cancer.


8. Constant Pain That Never Disappears:

A dull ache that won't go away from the breast or armpit is a warning sign of breast cancer. Breast pain, as mentioned before, is a common thing, but if it persists for a considerable amount of time, then it has to be checked.


9. Thickening Of The Breast Skin Or Nipple:

One of the major symptoms of breast cancer would be thickening of the breast skin or nipple. This is one of the symptoms that you must never ignore at any cost.


10. Tenderness Of The Nipple:

Apart from the lumps in the breast, the feeling of tenderness in the nipple is a symptom of breast cancer. You need to be aware of this important symptom.

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