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Top Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

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Blood circulation is the most important function in the body, as it enables the constant movement of blood through the body. Blood is responsible for transmitting the nutrients and oxygen to the brain and other vital organs in the body.

Problems in blood circulation can affect the proper functioning of various systems in the body. If these are not treated on time, it can harm several vital body parts like the heart, brain, kidneys and other important organs. This article will let you know of the top symptoms of poor blood circulation.

symptoms of poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation can occur due to many reasons like atherosclerosis and peripheral artery disease. Other health issues that can lead to weak blood circulation are obesity, blood clots, heart diseases or diabetes. Warning signs of poor blood circulation must never be ignored, as it might lead to serious health consequences.

In this article, we have listed the top symptoms of poor blood circulation. If you notice any of these signs of weak blood circulation, then it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.

Poor circulation can also occur if the blood vessels become blocked due to the buildup of plaque which hardens and constricts the arteries and veins.

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So, continue reading to know more about the top symptoms of poor blood circulation.


1. Numbness In The Hands And Feet:

Numbness in certain parts of the body, especially the extremities can be an indication of poor circulation of blood in the body.


2. Swelling Of The Lower Extremities:

Swelling of the feet for a longer period of time can be a result of poor blood circulation. If this condition is ignored, then it can also lead to leg ulcers. This is one of the top symptoms of poor blood circulation.


3. Persistent Fatigue And Tiredness:

Improper blood circulation interferes with the normal functioning of the organs, as the muscles are deprived of enough oxygen and nutrients.


4. Cooling Of The Hands And Feet:

When blood circulation gets affected, the normal body temperature is not maintained and hence this results in the hands and feet turning cold. This is also one of the signs of poor blood circulation.


5. Varicose Veins:

Varicose veins occurs as a result of improper blood circulation, as poor blood flow builds pressure on the veins, making it twisted, swollen and visible.


6. Weak Immune System:

Poor blood circulation will influence the immune system. Due to the deficiency in vitamins and minerals that the body requires to fight off infections, the immune system becomes weak.


7. Erectile Dysfunction:

If the blood flow to the reproductive organ is less, then it will lead to erectile dysfunction. This condition can also be connected to atherosclerosis.


8. Sudden Hair Loss:

Hair loss is one of the top indicators of poor blood circulation. When the scalp fails to receive enough vitamins and nutrients, the hair will become thin and fall off. This is one of the top symptoms of poor blood circulation.


9. Heaviness In The Chest:

Poor circulation of blood can lead to tightness or heaviness in the heart. This condition is known as angina pectoris. A person may face heaviness in the heart due to reduced blood flow to the organs.


10. Skin Discolouration:

Low levels of oxygen in the blood or poor circulation can lead to skin discolouration. The skin will wear a bruised look and the colour around the eyes can also turn bluish. This is also one of the symptoms of weak blood circulation in the body.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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