Things Your Periods Can Tell You About Your Health

You all are highly familiar with the monthly drill, each time that you get your periods, isn't it, ladies? Paying little or no attention to your periods is not a good idea.

Periods need to be considered almost like a vital sign. General changes and alterations to your periods can actually be a window to your general health status.

You also need a keep a tab on the calender to know the regular schedule in which you get your periods. You need to also be aware of the duration and intensity of your periods.

what your periods say about your health

Not just this, you need to be looking out for certain warning signs that could indicate a bigger health issue as well.

To make matters easier, we have listed what your periods say about your health. Read further to know what does your period indicate.

1. Heavy Bleeding:

If your bleeding is heavy and you're using multiple products to arrest the flow, then this could be an indicator of a fibroid tumour. If the bleeding is heavier for two or more cycles, then you need to get it checked immediately. Hence, it is high time you knew what your period indicates.

2. Very Light Bleeding:

Very light bleeding actually sounds like a blessing, right? If that has been your normal flow for a while, then it's fine. But otherwise, it could be an indicator of a thyroid disorder or a scarred tissue in the uterus.

3. Irregular Periods:

Having a hard to predict menstrual cycle can actually be a problem. If you're having irregular menses for a while, then you need to ask your gynac about the possibility of a polycystic ovarian syndrome or a problem with your thyroid.

4. Skipped Periods:

This can actually be a red flag. You need to first rule out the possibility of pregnancy and then you must evaluate your stress levels. If you have lost weight and are under a lot of stress, then it could stop you from ovulating.

5. Bad Cramps:

Apart from the normal menstrual cramps, endometriosis or cysts in the ovaries is to be blamed. Fibroids or benign tumours is also to be blamed. You need to visit the doctor if you have a very bad case of cramps. Hence, it is necessary to know what your periods say about your health.

6. Extreme Mood Swings:

Extreme mood swings needn't always be tied to your cycles. It could also be related to stress or depression. You can also discuss about this problem with your doctor if it's extremely unbearable.

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