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Things You Should Be Careful Of After A Heart Attack

If you have had a heart attack, it is certain that you'll feel worried and overwhelmed. You may obviously have a lot of questions in your mind, regarding the post recovery steps that you must take.

It is important to take care of yourself and you need to go to the doctor for a specific advice. After a heart attack, you will want to go back to your regular life.

The answer to this depends on your normal routine and also the condition of your heart. It is very important to start slowly and give your heart a chance to heal.

post heart attack care

You must also not go for any kind of an exercise, without the advice of your doctor. You must also make sure that your blood pressure, heart rate and heart beat are regularly monitored.

The amount of time you're off from work, depends on your heart health and how active or stressful your job is. Further, if your work is too hard for your heart, then you might want to change your work.

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In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips for post heart attack care. Read further to know more about the steps to recover after a heart attack.

1. Expect Interventions Or Anxiety:

This is a particularly difficult time, as you're in anxiety, pain and confusion. In most of the cases, blood thinner and blood pressure medications will be administered immediately to restore proper blood flow. Anxiety is a common thing that you can expect after a heart attack.

2. Read Your Discharge Summary Carefully:

Before checking out of the hospital, you'll need to read in detail and discuss the discharge summary with your doctor and nurse. You'll need to keep a tab on the next due date for a check-up, the medications that you must be taking, follow-up procedure as well as other symptoms that you need to know of.

3. Think Over More Treatment:

You need to think of the possibility of a possible cardiac rehab. A supervised counselling and training programme can help boost your health during the very critical time of recovery.

4. Get A Cardiologist's Advice:

If you don't have a cardiologist already, then you'll have to look for a follow-up care with a cardiologist. Muscle damage that can arise from a heart attack may require long-term medication. This helps in enhancing the heart function, manages blood pressure and also eases the heart strain.

5. Give Diet And Exercise A Good Priority:

Cardiac rehab programmes can help you out with this. Cardiac rehabs offer a great job and speaking with a nutritionist helps you with weight loss and diet goals. There are very few lifestyle changes that you must commit to after a heart attack. This is one of the top post heart attack care that you need to follow.

6. Know When To Resume The Normal Activities:

You need to ask your doctor about when you can resume your normal activities like going to work, travel or have sex. You need to have a word with your caregiver for assistance.

7. Don't Neglect Your Psyche:

Post heart attack physical care is fine but you should not neglect psychological effects of a heart attack. You need to request a psychology consultant for advice and also seek therapy after discharge. This will let you know how to take care of yourself after a heart attack.

8. Follow Your Medication Without Fail:

You might have a huge list of medicines as well as instructions. It is important that you follow these without fail. Keeping a track of your medications can be complicated and tiring too. These medicines however will help lower the cholesterol levels, blood pressure and monitor your heart rate. This is essential for the early recovery phase of patients post a heart attack.

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