Things That Happen When You Quit Using Sweeteners

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Sugar substitutes are only known to play all kinds of mischief on your body and your taste. They are known to trick your body into a cascade of reactions due to these fake sweeteners.

Studies have also shown that the effects of chronic artificial sugar consumption can have very bad consequences on the body.

what happens when you quit artificial sweeteners

These are known to have serious chemicals that can cause adverse effects on your body. When you finally decide to cut down on these sugar shortcuts, the body starts to calibrate.

There are certain things that happen when you finally decide to quit artificial sweeteners. This article is all about the benefits of quitting artificial sweeteners and how it would help your body improve for the better.

Continue reading to know what happens when you quit artificial sweeteners.


1. Your Taste Buds Will Stop Getting Tricked:

The sweetness levels of artificial sweeteners can bombard our taste buds and we'll end up not being able to decide what is sweet and what is not. Hence, by avoiding sweeteners all together, we'll put an end to this mishap.


2. Your Microbiome Can Group:

Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners increased the strains of gut bacteria that extract energy from the food and turn that energy into fat. This can trigger weight gain. So, when you give up on sweeteners, it can help avoid this condition.


3. Your Blood Sugar Levels Will Stabilize:

Consuming artificial sweeteners increases the insulin concentrations. Insulin stores fat in our cells and makes you feel hungry often. This can affect the metabolism.


4. You Will Start Shedding Pounds:

As per studies, it was found that artificial sweeteners can mess with our brain chemistry, thereby increasing the craving for more artificial sugars and carbohydrates. Hence, getting rid of these will help with weight loss. This is one of the top benefits of quitting artificial sweeteners.


5. You'll Reduce The Intake Of GMOs:

Artificial sweeteners are usually made from corn, soy or sugar beets. This will pave the way for genetically modified foods to enter into your system.


6. You'll Make Better Food Choices:

If you tend to eat fresh and unprocessed food, you'll not encounter artificial sugars in any way. Hence, you'll end up making better food choices. This will also let you know what happens when you stop using artificial sweeteners.

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Story first published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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