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Surprising Symptoms Of Eye Diseases You Must Never Ignore!

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They say that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul, so, do you think that our eyes can also tell us certain signs of impending diseases?

Well, we do not have to stress too much upon how important our eyes are, because, without our eyes, it will be impossible for us to see and experience the beautiful things in this world!

So, right from a young age, efforts must be made to keep our eyes healthy and safe, in order to prevent diseases.

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However, in today's world, it is impossible for most people to function without computers, phones and other visual electronic gadgets.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that working on the computer for too long and using your phones often, can seriously harm the optic nerves and damage the eye tissues.

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So, we must closely keep a tab on the changes happening in our eyes or vision, in order to detect disorders early.

Here are a few surprising symptoms of eye diseases we must never ignore.


1. Blurred Vision

If you are often experiencing blurry or hazy vision, it could mean that your optic nerves have weakened or that you are suffering from hypertension!


2. Dry Eyes

If your eyes are consistently dry and irritated, you could be suffering from CVS - computer vision syndrome that can cause the lubricating fluids in your eyes to dry up.


3. Wet Eyes

If you notice that your eyes are constantly wet, it could be because your tear ducts are blocked, causing the liquid in the eyes to not drain out well. This condition required immediate medical attention.


4. Discomfort In Bright Areas

If your eyes start to hurt or sting when you look at bright light, you could be suffering from photosensitivity, a condition in which your optic nerves fail to absorb bright light.

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5. Eyelid Swelling

If you notice swelling in the eye lid, it could mean that, the area is infected. You must go to a doctor immediately; otherwise, it could harm your vision.


6. Bloodshot Eyes

If you have persistent bloodshot eyes, it could either be due to stress or CVS. If the redness is accompanies by itching, it could be a symptom of conjunctivitis.

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