Surprising Health Benefits Of Clapping

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Clapping helps to better your health condition. If someone says this to you, you will be surprised. Indeed, clapping has certain health benefits. In this article today we shall talk about certain health benefits that you can get from clapping.

We all know that there are several pressure points in our body which are directly connected to various organs that are there in our body. When we press these pressure points, these affect the particular organs connected to them and help to heal these organs.

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There are twenty eight pressure points that are present in our hands. So, when you clap, you end up stimulating these pressure points and in turn affecting the organs connected to them. Hence, you see that clapping is a certain kind of therapy that helps to heal the body.

Here are some ways in which clapping helps to heal your body. Clapping helps in the smooth flow of blood to the brains and hence children who clap on a daily basis, end up with sharp brains.


1. Increase Blood Circulation:

Clapping for at least twenty to thirty minutes helps to increase blood circulation in the body and helps in the smooth flow of blood to the arteries and veins. This helps to energise the body and also helps in the steady flow of oxygen to different parts of the body.


2. Arthritis:

Clapping is great for people who suffer from arthritis. It helps to get rid of joint pain, back pain and neck pain. People who suffer from gout have been seen to benefit from clapping. It has helped to relieve their pain.


3. Lung Disease:

Clapping helps in the flow of oxygen and blood to the lungs, thereby helping to get rid of problems like asthma and certain lung diseases.


4. Low Blood Pressure:

Clapping is also good for people with low blood pressure. As it increases the flow of blood to different parts of the body, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure.


5. Digestion:

Clapping has also been found to cure digestive issues.


6. Boost Immunity Level:

It also increases your immunity levels and helps in preventing infections.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 14, 2017, 6:30 [IST]
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