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Surprising Causes Of Vomiting That You Did Not Know

By Lekhaka

Vomiting is a very common problem that all of us have faced at some point of time or another. As kids we have often puked due to various reasons. Even as adults we tend to vomit when we suffer from indigestion, stomach infection, anxiety, etc.

Today in this article we shall discuss certain things about vomiting that most people do not know.

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1.Drink Water

Vomiting can prove to be fatal at times. You can treat vomiting by drinking clear fluids and taking a lot of rest. Over the counter medicines are also available. However, if your vomiting does not stop even after four to five hours, rush to the hospital to get intravenous fluids or you could end up with dehydration that can cause serious threat to your life.


2.Stress Work

Some people end up vomiting when they have a panic attack. These people often get a panic attack when they see other people vomiting, when they are in the company of ill people or when they feel uncomfortable about themselves in the company of others. This is a serious issue and needs to be treated properly.



Sometimes vomiting is seen to be a good symptom. When pregnant women vomit in the first trimester, it is seen as a good sign as these women have lesser chances of miscarriage. This kind of vomiting is caused due to change in hormone levels. In people who are not pregnant, vomiting is a way of flushing out toxins from the body.



When you vomit, watch the colour of your vomit. If the colour of your vomit is reddish or blackish in colour or if it looks like a red jelly, then you are vomiting blood. Be careful. Rush to your doctor immediately to get yourself checked.


5,Stomach Ulcer

Vomiting is not always a result of stomach infection. In children, vomiting can be caused by migraine or strep throat. Your doctor will be able to guide you on that. In adults, vomiting is often seen as a result of intestinal blockage.

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