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7 Silent Signs Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Many of us often suffer from constipation, loose motions and other such disorders related to the digestive system, right?

Well, there is another disorder which is also related to the digestive system, known as the leaky gut syndrome, which is rather serious.

Now, as we know - we are what we eat - so, the healthier we eat, the healthier our digestive systems tend to remain and we can avoid a whole array of problems including leaky gut syndrome.

Now, since leaky gut syndrome is not too common in people, you may be wondering what exactly this disorder is, right?

Leaky gut syndrome can be defined as a condition in which intestinal hyper-permeability occurs.

In other words, certain junctions of the intestines which control the passage of substances in and out of the intestines do not work properly, causing enzymes, acids, foods and waste to leak out of the intestines and get accumulated into the blood stream.

Leaky gut syndrome causes a number of undesirable symptoms. Have a look at some of the silent signs of leaky gut syndrome.


1. Bloating

If you have been experiencing constant bloating issues, inspite of eating right and taking gas medications, do get checked for leaky gut syndrome.


2. IBS

If you are noticing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition in which a person feels the need to pass stools too frequently, it could be a sign of leaky gut syndrome.


3. Nutritional Deficiency

If you are experiencing signs of certain nutritional deficiencies like calcium, iron, etc., it could be because of the enzymes lost due to leaky gut syndrome.


4. Loss Of Immunity

If you have been noticing that you are being affected by viral diseases too often, it could be because of poor immunity cause by a leaky gut.


5. Arthritis

Research studies have found the certain autoimmune disorders like arthritis can also be signs of leaky gut syndrome.


6. Depression

Leaky gut syndrome can often cause the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain to drop, thus causing depression.


7. Allergies

Due to the waste being accumulated in the blood stream due to a leaky gut, one could experience allergies and skin rashes.

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