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Health Benefits Of Betel Leaves

Paan/Betel Leaves| Health Benefit | पान के पत्तों के औषधिय गुण| Boldsky

Most of the Indians have the habit of eating paan. Paan is an Indian mouth sweetener which is prepared with betel leaves. The betel leaves are used since the ancient times tracing back to 2000 years ago. It has been mentioned in the most ancient historic book of Sri Lanka, the Mahavasma.

In India, betel leaves as well as nuts are offered to guests as courtesy. You might be surprised to know that the heart-shaped, smooth, shining and long-stalked betel leaves have numerous health benefits. Since ancient times, betel leaves has been used as an aromatic stimulant and anti-flatulent. Apart from being served as a mouth freshener, betel leaf is also used as an aphrodisiac.

There are many health benefits of betel leaves which also makes it good for pregnant women. If lactating mothers apply betel leaves, it increases the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers. Betel leaves are also good for oral health. It reduces mouth odour, whitens teeth and reduces bleeding.

Here are few amazing health benefits of betel leaves that are worth knowing. Next time when you plan to freshen up your mouth, have betel leaves. Just make sure you eat it in a healthy way. Do not mix it with flavourings and nuts.

Health Benefits Of Betel Leaves:



If you suffer from dehydration, have betel leaves. It is a natural diuretic which if consumed with diluted milk can treat water retention in the body.



Betel leaves benefits the health as it removes free radicals from the body which are harmful.



As betel leaves are a diuretic, it helps treat constipation by easing out the stool passage.


Bleeding In Gums

Betel leaves are good for oral care as it stops bleeding in the gums. Mash boiled betel leaves and apply on the bleeding gum.


Reduces Inflammation

Painful pimples, arthritis etc can lead to inflammation. Applying betel leaves can help reduce inflammation naturally.


Treats Cough

Boiled betel leaves water can be a great home remedy for treating cough. Betel leaves also benefits the health of people who suffer from respiratory problems.



Betel leaves have anti-diabetic properties which makes it an excellent home remedy to control diabetes.


Heals Wound

Applying betel leaves paste on the wounds heals it within 3-4 days. It also reduces the pain and inflammation.


Lower Back Pain Medicine

Massaging your back with betel leaves that is mixed with some oil will fight lower back pain.



This is one of the health benefits of betel leaves. Applying betel leaves externally reduces headache with its cooling properties.


Quit Smoking

For many people, chewing fresh betel leaves helps them quit smoking.


Healthy Nerves

Betel leaves juice with honey is a natural tonic that is used for treating nervous pains, nervous exhaustion and debility.


Treats Acne

Betel leaves paste is good for skin care. It treats acne and scars from the skin naturally.

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Story first published: Monday, September 30, 2013, 21:11 [IST]