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Rub Onion On Hand To Treat These Ailments; Also Check The Other Ways To Use Onions

Now, you can take care of the ailments that are affecting you without spending a penny from your pocket! You just need to make use of those natural ingredients that you'll find in your kitchen cabinet for this purpose.

Onion is undoubtedly found in everyone's kitchen without fail. Little did you realize that this humble vegetable can cure several health issues that we face on an everyday basis.

Making use of an onion can save us from a trip to the doctor! No , it's not about eating an onion that we are inferring to here.

rubbing onion on hand

We are stressing on the health benefits of rubbing a raw onion on the back of your hand! This method can be used to cure several issues like fighting cold, earaches, itchiness and what not.

Onion contains quercetin that is a super-powerful antioxidant, which can help cure several health disorders.

When you use onion for cooking, don't forget to keep aside a piece of it to rub on the back of your hands or other affected areas.

In this article, we have mentioned to you some of the top benefits of rubbing an onion piece at the back of your hand.

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Onions: Yellow, White

Also, listed are other ways on how you can use an onion to treat certain ailments, take a look.

1. Soothes Burn/Prevents Scarring:

If you burn your finger while cooking, then an onion will help ease the sting. Onions contain antiseptic properties that can prevent the skin from being infected and also promote quick healing.

Applying onion on the affected area for several weeks also prevents the scarring.

2. Helps Get Rid Of An Itch:

Itchy bug bites or mosquito bites and the accompanied irritation can be treated by rubbing an onion on the affected areas. Onion contains sulphur that provides relief from itching. This is one of the top benefits of rubbing an onion on hands.

3. Eases Ear Pain:

Bake an onion for over 15 minutes. Crush the onion and extract its liquid and place a few drops of it into the sore ear.

4. Relieves Congestion:

To help get rid of sinus pressure and nose congestion, chop up a medium-sized onion into a bowl and inhale its vapours. This is known to give quick relief from congestion.

5. Fights Cold/Flu:

This is one of the fastest methods to get rid of the cold and flu symptoms. Chop an onion in half and keep it on a plate next to you while you're asleep. As you sleep, you'll inhale the vapours and this eases the cold and flu symptoms.

6. Fever:

If you're suffering from fever, then keep onion slices in your sock while you sleep. It is known to do wonders for your health. It helps in reducing the temperature of the body overnight.

7. Sore Throat:

Onion peels boiled in water can help soothe your sore throat. This onion tea helps in relieving the inflammation in the throat and gets rid of sore throat.

8. Splinters:

If you have an irritating splinter stuck to your skin, then tape a raw onion on it and hold it for an hour. When you remove the tape, the splinter comes along with it.

9. Skin Pigmentation:

Use turmeric mixed with onion juice for getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation on your face. This is one of the top benefits of how to use onions to treat skin pigmentation issue.

10. Menstrual Cramps:

Onion can work as a painkiller and yes, it can get rid of menstrual cramps! Try consuming a few raw onions a few days before your menstrual cycle kicks in and you'll find a remarkable reduction in your menstrual cramps.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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