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Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Cramping All The Time

By Sravia Sivaram

You don't have to be an athlete or a marathoner to know about the pangs of muscle cramps. The young, old, active and even the sedentary are all susceptible to muscle cramps.

These can actually come when you least expect it. Muscle cramping is nothing but an over-activation or contraction of a muscle.


Although it can happen anywhere, it usually occurs in the calf muscle, since that muscle uses most of the energy in the body.

It is easier to know when you're having a muscle cramp, but it is harder to find out about why you're experiencing one.

There can be several surprising reasons on why you might be having muscle cramps.

For more clarity on this topic, all you need to do is to go through this article once, to find out about the reasons for muscle cramps all over the body.

Keep reading to know more on what are the reasons for muscle cramps.


1. Dehydration:

Dehydration brings about a change in the balance of electric signals and ions. So, at this time, the body doesn't know if the signal is coming from the brain or just because there is an electric imbalance around the cell. With this confusion, the muscles will have difficulty in processing the right signal.


2. Holding A Random Position For A Long Time:

It is common to get a muscle strain after holding a position for a prolonged time. This can cause the muscle to break down a little bit. This breakdown can cause a build-up of lactic acid that can trigger the muscle to go into spasms.


3. Nerve Compression:

This condition is also called pinched nerve. Anything can cause a nerve to be pinched like a herniated disk, arthritis, a weird position, etc., that can irritate the nerve.


4. Pregnancy:

Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can lead to muscle cramps. These cramps usually occur in the calf or foot region and flare up at night during the second and third trimesters.


5. Inadequate Blood Supply:

This is another possible reason for muscle cramps. This means that you're not getting enough blood flow to the legs and arms. One of the reasons for this could be a pinched artery by an ovarian mass or tumour. This is one of the reasons for muscle cramps to occur all over the body.

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