Reasons You Should Drink Green Tea At Breakfast

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For numerous years now, many individuals have held the belief that green tea extract is beneficial for the body. With scientific research progressively verifying that longstanding concept, green tea extract has become increasingly more approved as an important part of the daily diet of several people.

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Here are a number of evidences that exemplify the health edge of green tea. The health edge of green tea is mainly due to the large quantity of flavonoids, a kind of compound found in all plants which help protect them from harm. Flavonoids are considered as antioxidants, the important factor why green tea extract excels in delivering health advantages.

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Catechins are a form of flavonoids found in green tea. Considered stronger than vitamins E and C, catechins also have the skill to defend cells from oxidative damage.


1. Burn Fat:

Numerous reports suggest that green tea extract has qualities that increase the rate of metabolic process and help burn off fat naturally. Catechins present in green tea help to burn off belly fat effectively.


2. Increase Stamina:

People who drink green tea on a regular basis have been found to have more stamina. Hence, drinking green tea with your breakfast and several cups throughout the day will help you to stay energised.


3. Boosts Immunity:

Do you suffer from allergies all the time? It has been proved that people who suffer from allergies like pollen, dander, etc. benefited a lot by consuming green tea as it has been found to raise immunity levels.


4. Inhibits Cancer Growth:

Research has revealed the fact that the EGCG in green tea extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells and destroys existing ones without damaging the normal and healthful cells.


5. Improve Memory:

According to research, green tea helps one to improve memory and also to remain alert.


6 . Lowers Heart Risk:

One health benefit of green tea extract is that it lowers the possible danger of heart ailments. A study has showed that frequent green tea drinkers reduced their risk of developing high blood pressure by 46% - 65% compared to individuals who did not drink tea. It has been found that the chemical antioxidants in green tea are partially the reason behind a lowering of heart-related ailments.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 21, 2017, 7:00 [IST]
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