Natural Way To Improve Vaginal Lubrication During Intercourse

By Chandana Rao

It is said that sexual intercourse between two consenting people is one of the most pleasurable and exhilarating experiences, when done right!

Yes, just like most things in life, sexual intercourse can be enjoyed to the maximum extent because of the people involved in it, when both of them are ready physically and mentally.

Otherwise, sex can be rather disappointing. In fact, without good sex, a lot of problems can arise between couples due to frustration.

remedies for vaginal dryness

Sexual intercourse, apart from being a great way to reduce stress, is a source of enjoyment and necessary for reproduction.

So, if partners are experiencing issues related to sex or their sexual organs, they must not ignore them and immediate medical advice must be sought.

Ailments or disorders related to sexual intercourse are just as serious as the ones that affect the other parts of our body.

However in some cultures, as the topic of sex is considered to be some sort of a taboo, many a times people hesitate to go to the doctors with their sexual problems, especially women.

Now, both men and women face different problems when it comes to sex.

Issues like erectile dysfunction, where a man fails to get an erection is one of the common problems men face, especially after a certain age.

In women, vaginal dryness, due to the lack of natural lubrication in that area, yeast infection, UTI, etc. are some common issues.

Now, for a woman to truly enjoy sex, her vagina has to produce enough natural lubrication during foreplay, so that it becomes easier for a man's penis to penetrate her.

If her vagina is not well lubricated, she could experience a lot of pain due to the friction during intercourse.

So, here is a natural remedy which can help improve a woman's vaginal lubrication during sex.

Ingredients Required :

  • Yogurt - 1 cup
  • Cranberry Juice - 1 glass

This natural remedy, to improve the production of vaginal lubrication in women during sexual intercourse, can work effectively when used on a regular basis.

However one must keep in mind that, vaginal lubrication can only be produced when there is enough foreplay during sexual intercourse and when a woman is sexually aroused.

In addition to taking this remedy, a woman must also drink plenty of water to keep her body hydrated, so that her genitals remain well hydrated too.

If a woman is suffering from yeast infection or urinary tract infection, she must get them treated, as these conditions can also affect vaginal lubrication.

Yogurt is rich in probiotic content and that is very much necessary to boost the growth of the healthy bacteria found in the vaginal walls, which helps keep the area moist and aids natural lubrication during sex.

Cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants which balance the pH levels of the vaginal walls to help them lubricate effectively during intercourse.

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 2, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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