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7 Natural Muscle Relaxants!

Muscle spasms could spoil your sleep. When your muscles are tired or overworked, you just need to relax them. Over the counter muscle relaxants aren't safe.

Also, sleeping with spasms and muscle pains is impossible. Most of the muscle pains are a result of heavy exercises or overworked muscles.

What Exactly Are Muscle Cramps?

A massage may surely help in calming down the aggressive muscles. But are there any natural muscle relaxants that soothe your body? Well, here are some of them.



Drink chamomile tea to feel relaxed. It comes with 36 varieties of flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory in nature. In olden days, even muscle spasms were treated using chamomile. You can also use the essential oil extracted from chamomile to massage your tired muscles.



Your nerves and muscles need magnesium too in order to function well. Eat almonds, brown rice and bananas to get adequate amounts of magnesium.



Snack on a handful of blueberries when you wish to feel relaxed. Or else, drink a smoothie made of blueberries. Your muscles will recover faster as blueberries reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.


Vitamin D

You need vitamin D. Ask yourself whether you have enough of sun exposure. Even eggs provide vitamin D. You need this vitamin to keep your muscles relaxed.



If you have come home with tired muscles, drink cherry juice to feel relieved. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce the pain in sore muscles.

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Though most of us never dare to try cayenne pepper, that too, when we are fatigued, it actually works. It contains something thats known as capsaicin which has the ability to relax your muscles. You can try creams that contain cayenne or else simply use it in your food.



The natural muscle relaxant is sleep. Take rest and have sound sleep. Your muscles repair themselves and feel relaxed during sleep. When you take rest, your muscles calm down a bit as your brain shuts down and stops making the muscles feel restless.

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