Myths About The Female Labia You Must Never Believe!

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If you are a woman, it is very important for you to have thorough knowledge about your body parts, so that you can avoid certain disorders. Now, there are certain myths about the female labia that you must totally ignore.

Most of us would know what the vagina and the clitoris are, right? Well, did you also know that the labia are important parts of the female genitalia that you should take good care of?

Now, you may be wondering where exactly the labia are located, right?

Well, the external most part of the vagina (or the vulva, to be more specific), which appear like the lips, is known as the labia.

The labia are divided into two parts, the labia majora and the labia minora.

The labia majora are the larger skin folds, while the labia minora are the smaller and thinner skin folds, inside the vulva.

It is equally important for every woman to maintain the health and hygiene of their labia, in order to avoid infections and ailments.

Here are some myths on the labia, you must never believe.


Myth #1

Many feel that labia are parts of the vagina, but anatomically, labia are part of your vulva.


Myth #2

Another common myth that people believe is that every woman's labia are the same size; however, the size, shape and colour of the labia varies from woman to woman.


Myth #3

Contrary to the myth that says yeast infections originate in the labia, yeast infections actually start inside the vaginal cavity; however, the labia can also experience the symptoms.


Myth #4

There is a myth that makes people believe that the labia and the clitoris are the same thing; however, they are completely different parts of the genitalia, but they both play major roles in sexual arousal.


Myth #5

Again, unlike the myth that says it is not very important to keep the labia clean, it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the labia, to avoid infections.


Myth #6

If you believe in the myth that says your labia must be hairless, stop now, because, the amount of hair on the labia does not affect your health.


Myth #7

Visible veins on the labia is unhealthy, is another myth. However, if you notice veins on your labia, it is completely normal!

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2017, 6:30 [IST]
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