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Must Do Health Tests For Women When They Turn 30’s

Being a woman is not that easy. You must have heard your mother saying this when you were a kid. But it is only when you get to that age and go through the everyday ordeal that she went through will you realize what she had been saying.

Taking care of the family and household chores become the first priority of a woman, and in the process she tends to ignore her health and hence it takes a back seat.

Well, women, especially those over 30 years of age should take care of their health seriously. So today in this article, we will be discussing about a few important medical tests that every women must get done after the age of 30. These tests could be the first step towards preventing serious health issues in the future.

Women undergo serious hormonal changes right from the time they attain their puberty till they hit the menopause stage. In between when they are in the child-bearing age, the problem gets more. They become victims of serious health problems, which if not taken care of on time might turn fatal as well.

Hence, in order to prevent any health issues, there are certain important medical tests that every women needs to undergo after the age of 30. Take a look at a few of these important tests.


1.Blood Pressure & Heart:

Women should make it a point to undergo tests for blood pressure. If they have high blood pressure, then they need to undergo an echocardiogram done to check their heart health, as those having hypertension will be at a risk of having heart issues.


2.Bone Density Test:

Getting the test done for vitamin D is important,as vitamin D deficiency can lead to weak bones and such women can be at a risk of developing osteoporosis.


3.Thyroid Functioning Test:

One of the most common health issues faced by women these days is related to the thyroid. Few have may suffer hypothyroidism and a few have may suffer from hyperthyroidism. Pain in the legs, hands and joints along with swelling in the legs are a few of the common symptoms hypo or hyperthyroidism and hence women should make it a point to get a thyroid test done regularly after the age of 30 years.



Diabetes is getting very common these days. Especially women who are obese and pregnant do need to be very careful and get the diabetes test done after 30 years regularly, as this will lead to complications in their pregnancy otherwise.



One of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is to undergo a mammogram test. Mammogram is basically recommended after 40 years of age for women, but if there any such sign or risk, then it is better to go for the test in your 30's.


6.Pap Smear Test:

Pap smear test is a must for women once they turn 30, as this helps to prevent any risk of cervical cancer. Reports state that cervical cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women.



Anaemia is one of the most common health problems observed in women these days, especially in their child-bearing age. A simple blood test for anaemia is a must for women after they turn 30.