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Major Mistakes That We Make While Taking Care Of Our Teeth

By Staff

We all brush our teeth atleast once or twice in a day. That is more than enough to guarantee a beautiful smile.

Keeping our teeth in top shape requires regular visits to the dentist. Good dental hygiene actually starts at home.

Brushing your teeth the right way is important for maintaining a good oral hygiene.


There are several mistakes that you might be making in terms of your oral health care.

You might be making one or more of these oral health care mistakes that we have listed in this article.

As easy as it seems to be, very few of us actually follow proper oral hygiene.

In this article, we have listed the top mistakes while brushing teeth as well as the ones we make in general oral health care. Read further to know more about the mistakes that you make in oral health often.


1. Brushing Too Hard:

When we press the toothbrush too hard, it's bristles bend and hence the tooth deposits are not properly removed. It can also lead to gum damage.


2. We Don't Pay Attention To The Food We Eat:

We know about the fact that sweet things can cause cavities. In order to keep our teeth healthy, we need to eat foods that contain calcium, phosphorous and fluorine like dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fish, cereals, etc.


3. We Don't Use Additional Teeth Cleaning Devices:

Your toothbrush alone cannot remove all the deposits completely. Hence, it is important to clean the gaps between the teeth with a dental floss. If the gaps are wide, then you can make use of an interdental brush. You can also rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. This is one of the mistakes while brushing teeth.


4. We Don't Take Care Of The Gums:c

If your gums are weak, then you will not have enough blood supply and this can lead to periodontitis. Due to this disease, your gums can bleed, it can become inflamed and soft and can lead to dental necks. You can also eventually lose your teeth.


5. We Don't Get The Tooth Tartar Removed:

Tartar is the hardened product of minerals from saliva and foods that accumulate in the plaque around the teeth. Dental plaque can also cause periodontal disease. Hence, it has to be removed.


6. We Think We Are Too Old For Braces:

Dental braces can be worn even when you're an adult. If you have a problem of snagged teeth, then it can lead to cavities and decay. This is one of the mistakes that we make in teeth health.


7. We Chew Only On One Side Of The Mouth:

Chewing is known to have self-cleansing properties. If you chew only on one side of the mouth, then it can lead to cavities and decay on the other side of the mouth.

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