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Methods To Sleep Well Without Snoring

By Sravia Sivaram

Snoring results in poor sleep for the snorer and also for those who share the room.

Snoring is caused by the relaxation of the muscle in the soft palate (roof of the mouth), tongue and throat. The tissue in the throat can get so relaxed that it can end up blocking the airway and vibrate as the air rushes through the passage.

If the airway is narrower, the vibration will be more intense and the snore will be louder.

But worry not, as there are home remedies that will help you combat this problem without any torment of side effects.

Not only is snoring a nuisance, but 75% of people can face obstructive sleep apnoea. This can increase the risk of developing heart disease.

There are many anti-snoring aids that are available in the markets; but there is no evidence which can suggest that these will he helpful.

Snoring can result due to a number of reasons like anatomical and structural abnormalities, alcohol use, smoking, allergies as well as upper respiratory infections (URI).

In this article, we have mentioned some of the top methods to avoid snoring. Scroll further to know how to stop snoring naturally at night.


1. Make Use Of A Tennis Ball:

If you happen to sleep on your back, try putting a tennis ball in a shirt pocket of an old shirt and sew it in the mid back of your pajama top.

When you roll over, the discomfort caused by the tennis ball forces you to roll back, without waking you. The slight disturbance that is created will help you stop snoring from time to time. This is one of the best tricks to avoid snoring.


2. Humidify:

Sleeping in a room with dry air can actually contribute to snoring. This is because dry air can dry out the throat as well as the nasal membranes and lead to congestion. Getting a humidifier will help avoid this problem and gradually decrease your snoring. This is one of the top tips to avoid snoring.


3. Losing Weight Also Helps:

If you are overweight, even that can also be a possible cause of snoring. When you're overweight, you may have extra tissues in the throat contributing to the noise.

The bigger the blockage, more is the air interrupted as it flows. This creates vibrations and causes snoring.


4. Raise The Head Of Your Bed:

You can try raising the head of the bed and in this way, it will keep the tongue from falling back and also block your throat. You can use sturdy blocks of wood about 1-2 inches for this purpose and place them below your bed to raise its level at the head. This is one of the best methods to avoid snoring.


5. Always Keep The House Clean:

Allergens like pollen, dust, animal dander and other irritants can create congestion that can irritate the airways. This can lead to snoring. Also, make sure to change your air filter on a regular basis.


6. Figure Out Why You're Snoring:

If you find out why you're snoring, then it'll be easier for you to find out the remedy.

If your mouth remains closed while you snore, then it indicates problems with your tongue's passageway. Snoring with your mouth open can indicate problems in the tissue of your throat.


7. Anti-Snoring Pills:

There are certain herbal pills that aid in preventing snoring. They contain natural enzymes that target the nasal congestion and also help reduce it. This will help prevent snoring.


8. Add Oils To The Vaporizer:

As dry air and congestion lead to snoring, add various oils to your vaporizer. Oils like peppermint oil help in opening up the airways and also clear out the sinuses as you sleep.


9. Adjust Your Pillows:

Elevating your head will open up the airway passage and can make breathing easier. The pillow should not be too fluffy or too flat. You can also try sleeping on a thick pillow or on multiple pillows.


10. Practice Pranayama:

This yoga exercise helps to control breathing. You need to take deep slow breaths and get most out of the oxygen around you. This helps in the delivery of the blood to the brain and also improves circulation.

Pranayama also helps in relieving various sleep disorders like sleep apnoea.


11. Exercise Your Tongue And Throat:

If the muscles in the tongue and throat are stronger, then this helps in reducing snoring. When the muscles lose their elasticity, we tend to snore more. You can try this exercise that will help strengthen these muscles.

Try to protrude the lower jaw over the upper jaw with your teeth showing and count till ten. Repeat this for 5-10 times a day. This will let you know how to stop snoring naturally at night.


12. Avoid Alcohol And Sedatives:

Try not to drink alcoholic beverages or use sedatives at least two hours before bedtime. These can relax the tissue in the throat, causing it to expand, thus blocking the airways. This can result in snoring.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 16:11 [IST]
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