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Do You Travel Quite Often? Here Is How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

Posted By: Lekhaka

A lot of us face issues while travelling. And if we travel with kids, we end up with all the more problems. One of these is related to eating. In this article we shall talk about how to eat healthy while travelling.

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Home cooked food is the best food that one can have. However, when we travel, we cannot have home cooked food for obvious reasons. Eating out is the only option left with us.

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Here we are going to discuss how we can follow hygiene and opt for healthy foods even while travelling.


1. Fruits:

The first thing that you should carry with you are fruits. Wash them and seal them inside a plastic bag. These are not only filling, they are nutritious as well. You can have them anywhere, anytime you want. Apples, guavas, grapes, bananas, cucumbers etc., will help you to be in a good shape while travelling.


2. Sliced Vegetables:

The next best thing to go for are vegetable slices. Carrots, radish, etc. are great for eating while travelling. You can carry a dip along with these to add fun to your eating on the go.


3. Yogurts:

Yogurts are great while travelling. Carry small sealed cups of yogurt to keep your body cool and also to keep your gut happy. These contain healthy bacteria that help to fight the germs that you might pick up while travelling.


4. Water Bottles:

Carry your water bottles. Drink plenty of water while travelling, otherwise you will end up dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and in certain cases it can lead to serious health issues.


5. Avoid Eating Junk Foods:

Avoid eating junk food while travelling as you could suffer from digestive problems if you are not able to digest them properly. Also, these can leave you sluggish while travelling. You do not want that to happen.


6. Eat Light Foods:

Eat light while travelling. Do not stuff food into your tummy as you might end up bloated. Go for foods that you as an individual are able to digest easily.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 23:00 [IST]
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