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6 Must Avoid Foods When Travelling


Motion sickness is something most travellers dread of. There are certain foods that you must avoid when travelling. These foods are a strict no-no in your diet, whether you are flying or travelling on road. If you have these foods, chances are, motion sickness will be at its peak.

Motion Sickness takes out the fun in your travel. When you plan a trip with your friends, you are often doubtful if you can have all the fun without being worried. That dreadful feeling of motion sickness comes to you when you think of travel itself. Maybe that is why you avoided your last family trip also! But do not worry any more. There are certain foods that you can avoid eating before and while you are travelling and yet feel much healthier and peaceful.

Check out the 6 foods that you must avoid when travelling.


Fried Foods

These food are a definite no in your diet when you are travelling. We all know how unhealthy these foods are generally. Fried foods can be convenient to you before travelling but if you know the hazards that they cause, you would not want to have them ever again! It affects the digestion process, and can make you feel uneasy throughout the trip.



It hits you worst when you are flying. You might love to gulp down a few cocktails before you get into the flight, but it leads to quick dehydration. It will also make you have a terrible hangover which you do not want when you are travelling!


Cheese and Cold Meat

Many travellers think that a quick cheese or meat sandwich is healthy and can be quickly eaten before you travel. Yes you can. But you would not want to have it if you know the after effects, especially when you travel. They are home to bacteria and these micro-organisms have the intense ability to make you feel sick throughout the journey. The worst part is, it takes its own time to go away!


Non-vegetarian Foods

You know that non-vegetarian foods like fish, chicken and red meat takes a longer time to digest. So when you are travelling, it adds to the difficulty in digestion. Whether you are travelling by road, air, rail or sea, non-veg in your diet must be strictly avoided. Eat lot of veggies instead!


Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products have the ability to make you feel sick throughout the journey. If you are prone to motion sickness, these foods adds to it. These are foods that you must definitely avoid when travelling, especially when you are travelling in a car.


Heavy Meals

You might think that having a full tummy and travelling would be a nice idea, especially because you do not need to have food for a long time. But you have got that wrong! Make sure you eat healthy and light before you travel.

Story first published: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 13:04 [IST]