How To Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

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The lymphatic system comprises of lymph nodes, glands, spleen, tonsils and the thymus gland. What does it do? Well its job is to keep your cells clean.

This system mainly removes the toxins or wastes from the cells and tissues into the blood so that the liver or the kidneys will further find ways to throw out those toxins.

Imagine the lymphatic system as drains that carry sewage. What happens if there are clogs? Drainage gets accumulated right? That is why you need to keep your lymphatic system in good shape. Otherwise, toxins may accumulate in your system.

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If you wish to keep your system clean devoid of toxins and feel good, read on to know about ways to cleanse your lymphatic system.



Breathe deeply and allow your body to take in more oxygen.

This action helps your lymphatic system. When lymph fluids flow well, your body can get rid of toxins well.



Drink pure water or lemon water to help your lymphatic system flush toxins.

Some people sip warm water once an hour during waking hours of the day for 10-15 days. This ancient technique is said to boost the immune system as well as the lymphatic system.

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Exercise is among the best ways to keep your lymphatic system function properly.Inactivity could lead to build up of toxins in your tissues.

Exercise increases blood supply and oxygen supply to the cells.

Jumping jacks or jumping on the trampoline serves the purpose of stimulating the lymphatic system.


Green Veggies

The chlorophyll present in green veggies helps a lot in purifying your lymph system.

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Raw Fruits

Raw fruits supply certain enzymes which act as lymph cleansers. Enjoy fruits in the morning.


Dry Brush

Before you go to the shower, dry brush the surface of your skin. This action helps in clearing toxins on the skin. It also stimulates your the lymph flow.

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Nuts And Seeds

The fatty acids present in certain nuts are good for your lymph nodes.



Even massage boosts the drainage flow of lymph nodes through the body.

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