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    10 Unbelievable Tips On How To Beat Sugar Addiction

    By Ipsasweta
    how to beat sugar addiction

    Sugar is the worst enemy of all. Everyone dreads this food but just can't stay away from it. Sugar cravings are the worst nightmare and it is almost as addictive as drinking alcohol or smoking.

    A moderate amount of sugar is acceptable and sometimes needed for the health. But when you overdose on sugar, you will have to face various negative health consequences. Excess sugar is also associated with a number of deadly diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and so on.

    The refined calories present in a lot of preserved foods make it super unhealthy for people to consume it. But people find it very hard to ditch their cravings and stick to healthy habits.

    Let's find out and follow these simple yet very effective steps to get rid of sugar addiction.


    #1 Skip Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial sweeteners are the unhealthiest forms on which people usually overload. Artificial sweeteners not only get you addicted to the unhealthy carbs but also make you gain weight, which in turn leads to obesity and a lot of other diseases born out of it. Artificial sweeteners also slow down the metabolic rate of your body, hence the weight gain.

    Try to substitute these sweeteners with honey or jaggery to get the best results.


    #2 Munch On The Healthy Snacks

    The first few days of quitting sugar, the body can show some withdrawal. It is better to be prepared and munch on to healthy snacks anytime you want to hog on to some sugar. You can just deviate your cravings into something healthy and not munch on to unhealthy calories. Healthy snacks would include anything ranging from popcorn to cucumbers that are cheap and almost minimal in calories.

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    #3 Pack In Protein

    Frequent hunger pangs result in people indulging in more sugary foods to satiate their hunger. The key to successfully managing your sugar addiction is to always keep yourself full and avoid any hunger pangs that lure you to eat sugar. Fill your diet with proteins that are not only beneficial for your body, but also help to keep you full for a longer time period. Protein also takes more time to digest, hence giving you the feeling of being full. High-protein foods include chicken, eggs, yogurt, etc.


    #4 Hydrate The Right Way

    Your body gives same signal to your brain as you are hungry, when you are thirsty. So, a person tends to overeat not being aware that he is just thirsty.
    So, when you feel a sudden urge for a specific food, try drinking a large glass of water and wait for a few minutes. Drinking water is a great way to trick the brain into thinking you ate. Sugar cravings might also be a sign that your body is dehydrated and you should consume enough water.

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    #5 Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is known as a wonder spice that has a lot of health benefits. It is a great remedy to get rid of sugar cravings. It helps to regulate the blood glucose levels. Regulating blood glucose levels can effectively help in controlling the cravings.


    #6 L-Glutamine

    Glutamine is a natural acid that is found in the body that helps in converting sugar into glucose. It is also helpful in producing other amino acids in the body. For a successful beginning, you can try the glutamine supplements that will help you get rid of the cravings. Taking it for a few months will help in overcoming all the deficiencies.


    #7 Get Proper Sleep

    Sleep is the key to good health and a very effective way to curb your sugar cravings. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of deadly diseases as well as increase the desire to eat more calories and sugar-loaded food. Sleep deprivation and junk foods seem to have a positive correlation. Sleep deprivation can also cause hormonal fluctuations. So keep in mind to clock in a full 8 hours of sleep cycle a day.


    #8 Chew Sugar-free Gum

    Grab some sugar-free gum from the stores and try to chew on them whenever you get the cravings. When people chewed gum after lunch, they were seen to have significantly less sugar cravings. It also keeps you off from feeling drowsy after an afternoon lunch.


    #9 Eat Proper Meals At Proper Times

    Lack of nutrients is a key reason behind all the sugar cravings and hunger pangs. To prevent this, you can always indulge in eating proper meals at regular intervals to curb all the sugar cravings as well as maintain a healthy balance in the body. Eat something every 3 hours once to keep your blood sugar level steady but make sure to not indulge in food very frequently, as it might lead to weight gain.


    #10 Take A Walk

    A brisk walk is a very good solution to deal with hunger pangs and cravings. It might sound very difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to it, you will start enjoying the activity. Indulging in some physical activity will also help to divert your mind from those cravings and help you quit the cravings successfully.

    So, these are a few DIY ways in which you can efficiently get rid of your sugar cravings and take your first step towards leading a healthier and better life.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 29, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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