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How Much Jaggery To Eat Every Day?

By Ipsa Sweta Dhal
Jaggery (गुड़) |Health Benefits Of Gur | गुड़ होता है गुणकारी | Boldsky

Ever wondered why our elders end their meal with a cube of jaggery or gulp down a piece of it during winters? Well, it is definitely way beyond satiating their sweet tooth.

Jaggery is a traditional food that is made out of sugarcane and has been used extensively in parts of Asia, Africa and some parts of America. It is extracted from cane juice without separating the molasses and crystals.

Jaggery is often mixed with other ingredients such as milk, coconut, etc., to prepare various sweet but healthy delicacies for a guilt-free trip! But the main question arises as to how much jaggery should one eat every day to avail these benefits?

Here are a few advantages of eating jaggery every day:


#1 Helps In Improving Digestion

Jaggery is known to have the miraculous effect of helping in the digestion process after a heavy meal. The ingredients found in jaggery are said to boost the digestive enzymes and it also plays the role of acetic acid and helps in facilitating a quick digestion. Next time you see an elder gulping a spoon of jaggery, you know why!


#2 Acts As A Cleansing Agent

Yes, you have read it right! Even a sugar-based food can act as a cleansing agent. It is known to effectively cure the respiratory tract, lungs, stomach and the intestines. This is also the reason why jaggery helps to curb breathing disorders, especially in people suffering from asthma.


#3 It Is Rich In Minerals

Unlike white sugar, jaggery is rich in minerals, and iron to be particular. Most of the iron content is formed during the processing of jaggery, while other minerals trickle down directly from cane, as it doesn't undergo any fermentation process. Eating jaggery can provide the body with necessary minerals, which will nourish and enhance the organs.


#4 It Is A Natural Sweetener

There are plenty of artificial sweeteners available in the market, white sugar topping the list. But people tend to avoid the unhealthy side effects these sweeteners cause in the long run. Jaggery, on the other hand, is the most natural form of sugar, hence it can be a perfect and healthy substitute for all these artificial sweeteners. Also, there are varieties of jaggery to choose from. Jaggery is also very effective for people looking at long-term weight loss goals.

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#5 It Helps To Relieve Constipation

Jaggery, as a cleansing agent, has the ability to pull out dust and unwanted particles from the body. It also helps relieve constipation, essentially due to the presence of fibre in it. It also helps in stimulating the bowel movements.


#6 Improves Immunity!

Jaggery is known to be loaded with numerous antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that help in slowing down the ageing process. It further boosts the resistance of the body against diseases, hence improving one's immunity.


#7 Benefits For Breathing Disorders

As mentioned earlier, the cleansing element found in jaggery and the anti-allergic properties combined together help in curing various breathing disorders. It has been used as an anti-allergen for years.


#8 Benefits Of Jaggery For Blood

  • It helps in purifying the blood, with regular consumption.
  • It also helps in prevention of various blood-related disorders and in boosting the haemoglobin count, thus improving the immunity of an individual.

#9 Benefits Of Jaggery For Women

Women seem to receive a lot of benefits by just consuming one spoon of jaggery a day. It has been effective in curing various menstrual problems and prevents anaemia (a condition marked by lowering of haemoglobin in the body). It also helps in regulating the count of red blood cells during pregnancy. It is also beneficial for women during pregnancy to boost their energy level.

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#10 Benefits Of Jaggery For Men

Men also tend to benefit a lot by adding jaggery to their daily diet. When eaten with amla powder, jaggery can do wonders to the quality and sperm count in men. It is also a source of instant energy.


Side Effects Of Consuming Excessive Amounts Of Jaggery:

But the main question lies as to how much jaggery to consume every day? And can jaggery have any side effects if not consumed in the right quantity?

Jaggery should be consumed in the right way, and in the right amount, to see the desired benefits provided by it. If it is consumed excessively, it might cause weight gain in the long run. It is also not recommended for diabetes patients due to its high sugar content. Consuming jaggery for a continuously long period will also lead to intestinal worm infestations.

As it is apparent from these points that when it is consumed in the right way and in moderation, it can do wonders for our body. It is very important to understand the amount of jaggery that has to be eaten depending on the age, health and other requirements of the person. Two spoons full of jaggery is the safe limit for consuming jaggery to avail the health benefits.

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