Here's The Reason Why You Should Floss

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Most of us seldom floss as we think brushing is enough to take care of the teeth. And if the teeth doesn't look bright enough, we simply polish them using a teeth whitening product.

But is that enough to take care of oral hygiene? Well, dental care is not about how bright the surface of your teeth looks. It is also about how clean your mouth is.

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If you don't floss, certain dental issues like bad breath, cavities and gingivitis could occur. But it doesn't stop there. The bacteria in your mouth can shorten your lifespan too. How? Read on to know...


Fact #1

If you don't floss regularly, what happens? Small and minute particles of food get stuck between teeth. They decompose. Bacteria gathers. They emit certain chemicals including hydrogen sulfide. That is when your mouth starts stinking. Flossing can prevent bad breath.


Fact #2

When the bone around the teeth gets deteriorated due to any reason including bad oral hygiene, you might lose your teeth.

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Fact #3

Too much of harmful bacteria accumulating in your mouth is a bad thing for your arteries too. Yes, if there is a clog in the cartoid artery, the risk of suffering stroke increases. Bacteria in mouth can also cause the clog.


Fact #4

If you have periodontal disease, your risk of suffering heart disease simply gets doubled. How? Periodontal bacteria or plaque may get into the blood from the gums. That disturbs the flow of blood in the arteries. So, cavities and gum diseases are as dangerous as bad cholesterol levels.

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Fact #5

Most of the people suffering from diabetes tend to have periodontal disease. Is there any connection between the two? Health experts may soon find out.


Fact #6

Periodontal disease in men could kill their romance too. If periodontal bacteria gets into the blood, circulation to the private parts can be disturbed.

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This could cause erectile issues. Men with dental issues are 7 times at a higher risk of suffering erection problems.


Fact #7

If you have breathing issues, periodontal bacteria can make it worse. If the bacteria reaches the lungs through blood, you may find it difficult to breathe freely.

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