What Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack?

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Your heart is one organ which never asks for a break. If it ever does, that would be the end of your life! What makes the heart weak? Well, there are several lifestyle factors that slowly kill your heart.

But apart from that, there are other risk factors that may make one vulnerable to heart attack. Some factors are not in our hands.

What Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack?

For example, the risk is said to be higher in African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans and people of certain other parts of the world. Our birth wasn't our choice. All we can do is control the lifestyle habits and food habits to minimise the risk.

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Here are some other factors that up the risk.


Risk Factor #1

Genetics do increase the risk. If anyone inside your family suffers heart attack, your chances would be high. But wait! You don't need to panic.

If you maintain a lifestyle which is far healthier than other family members who suffered heart failure, your risk would be diminished a bit.


Risk Factor #2

Do you suffer diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is another devil. It makes your arteries narrow and this could irritate your heart. This is another risk factor.

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Risk Factor #3

What about cholesterol? It significantly raises your risk of a heart attack! Keep a tab on your cholesterol levels. Anything that hinders blood circulation is bad for the heart.


Risk Factor #4

Health statistics claim that men suffer the risk more than women. It doesn't mean that women are totally safe but comparatively, men are more vulnerable to heart attacks.


Risk Factor #5

Age is one thing that can increase the risk of a heart attack. After 65, the risk is very high as the body cannot take the impact of a heart attack.

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Risk Factor #6

High blood pressure can also trouble your heart. So, hypertension also increases the risk of heart attack. It could also cause stroke and kidney failure too. Be careful with salty foods.


Risk Factor #7

You wanted a flat tummy to look good but there is another reason why you should never let belly fat build up. A study declared that belly fat can raise the risk of heart issues and stroke too.


Risk Factor #8

Compared to a non-smoker, a smoker's risk of suffering a heart attack is at least twice or thrice more. Smoking is one big devil which can hurt your arteries and cause cholesterol issues too.

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Risk Factor #9

Human beings are not designed to sit on the couch for hours together. Too much of sitting can also increase the risk. Stand, stretch, walk, run, jump and repeat to save your heart.

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