Vaginal Damage: Habits That Are Bad For Private Parts

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Actually, almost all parts of the body have the capacity to maintain themselves without much intervention. The same applies to your lady parts too.

Your private parts are resilient and they also protect themselves from infections by fighting against microbes.

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But when you have certain lifestyle habits that disturb their maintenance process or defense mechanism, you may suffer infections down there. What are those habits? Read on to know....


Fact #1

Yes, beautiful inner wear (thongs, and synthetic panties) could make you look and feel good. But health experts recommend using them only on special dates or just inside the bedroom.

For regular use, cotton panties are recommended. Synthetic material could lock moisture in the privates and could also cause infections.


Fact #2

The problem is not only with the material of fancy underwear. Even the shape of the under wear could cause harm. Some of them increase friction between the skin and the clothing and this could cause skin tags around the privates.

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Fact #3

Shaving the pubic hair is another habit which is not so healthy though it has become a common practice today. The hair in that place acts like a layer of protection.

It could minimise friction and also reduce the risk of infections. If you shave the hair over there, the skin around the privates gets more vulnerable. Infections like MRSA and streptococcus are common among women who have the habit of shaving the hair.


Fact #4

There is another risk with shaving the hair with blades. Minor cuts on the skin could increase the risk of contracting diseases like herpes during intercourse.

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Fact #5

Douching also is among the habits that aren't doing any good to the privates. This practice involves sending liquids inside the private parts to clean the area. But it actually disturbs the natural balance of bacteria and could result in yeast infection.


Fact #6

Excessive sugar and spicy foods may also interfere with the smell of the privates. Excessive sugar can increase the risk of yeast infection. Yeast cells love to eat sugar. So certain lifestyle habits can also impact the health of your privates.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 18:10 [IST]
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