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    Everyday Items/Habits That Can Make You Sick If You're Not Maintaining Hygiene

    By Sravia Sivaram

    Even if you're very conscious about cleanliness, there are some things that you might miss out on for sure.

    There are many things that you use every day and potentially harmful bacteria will be lurking in those without your knowledge.

    Hence, it is important to minimize your risk of infection when and where you can. The spread of flu is rampant now and it is high time you reconsidered the common household item that should be a part of your daily cleaning routine.

    habits that can make you sick

    Taking up these steps will ensure a healthy immune system. Taking up the habit of cleaning these every day items is all that is necessary for a healthier lifestyle.

    Germs lurk in one of the most unsuspecting places and you could be exposing yourself to illnesses with almost everything that you touch.

    Besides the obvious reasons that can be making you sick, there can be a host of other reasons as well that could put you into trouble and you have probably never even thought of them.

    In this article, we have mentioned some of the habits that can make you sick. Read further to find out about them.


    1. Not Washing Makeup Brushes:

    Makeup brushes pick up skin bacteria as well as oil and dead cells that help harbour germs. Not washing them at all can give you problems like skin irritations to major breakouts.


    2. Not Washing The Bedding:

    If it has been a long time since your bedsheets have visited the washing machine, then brace yourself. Studies have shown that humans produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed per year and that warm moisture can turn the bed into bacteria and fungal growing hotspots. Your bedding will also be home to body excretions and oils and even food particles.


    3. Not Keeping Cell Phones Clean:

    Your phone is the one thing that is always by your side day and night. It even accompanies you to your washroom. You must understand that the surface of your phone can spread germs, even to your face. This is one of the habits that can make you sick.


    4. Not Washing Water Bottle:

    Germs get introduced to the lid of your water bottle from your mouth and they continue to grow faster. More than 60% of the bacteria in water bottle can cause illness spread by bacteria like E.coli and Streptococcus.


    5. Not Using Clean Underwear:

    Underpants accumulate sweat, germs and secretions not to mention the occasional faecal matter. If you're wearing the same one every day, then it can lead to itchiness, scratching and this can lead to skin infections or irritation.


    6. Not Replacing Kitchen Sponges:

    These kitchen sponges might be harbouring some of the biggest and the worst bacteria in your entire house. The majority of the bacteria can be killed by using heat. Also, try replacing these sponges often. This is one of the daily habits that could be making you sick.


    7. Not Cleaning Yoga Mats:

    Your yoga mat can be collecting a huge colony of germs, due to the combination of porous materials and your bare feet and hands. These can lead to plantar warts, rashes and other skin problems. This is one of the things that can make you sick.


    8. You Don't Wash Bath Towels:

    If you're using the same towel over and over again, then you might not be showering at all. Bath towels contain moisture that the bacteria love to linger on, also due to the regular humidity of washrooms.


    9. You Don't Change Your Clothes After Gym:

    Your gym clothes can be harbouring a lot of bacteria after a session of workout. Hence, it is necessary that you change into fresh clothes after your gym session.


    10. You Shake Hands With People Often:

    If you often keep shaking hands with people, then you need to have a hand sanitizer with you. Clean your hands from time to time to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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