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Have You Heard Of The Scary Disorder – Nyctophobia?

As humans, we have a number of emotions, without emotions, it is in fact, impossible to be human!

Emotions separate us from rest of the animal species.

Love, hate, joy, sadness, like, dislike, lust, disgust, fear, etc., some of the most common emotions that humans experience of a regular basis.

Fear is one of the most inevitable emotions experienced by humans on a regular basis.

We all have different types of fears in varied intensities.

What one person may fear, may not affect the other person at all!

For example, you may be afraid of heights to such an extent that you may never be able to go for a trek to the mountains, whereas, your friend may not be affected by heights at all!

So, there are a number of fears that people experience and a fear is termed as a 'phobia', when it is irrational and extreme!

Phobias usually hamper a person's quality of living and so, certain treatments are provided to help a person cope with phobias.

Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness or nights; here are a few facts on this phobia.


Fact #1

Nyctophobia is an irrational fear of darkness or the night time, which hampers the affected person's life tremendously.


Fact #2

The brain of a person suffering from nyctophobia has a distorted perception of the impending and imagined disasters that could occur during nights or in the dark.


Fact #3

Although, the causes for the development of nyctophobia are unknown, psychologists associate it with traumatic events that could have happened to the victim, during the nights or in the dark.


Fact #4

The symptoms of nyctophobia include, unable to go out during the night, unable to be by themselves during the night, being restless at night (which can affect the health), having panic attacks during at nights or in dark places, etc.


Fact #5

Nyctophobia is a serious psychological disorder that can affect both the mental and the physical health of a person, so medical treatment is necessary.


Fact #6

Nyctophobia can be cured with the help of cognitive behavioural therapy, counseling and anti-anxiety medications.


Fact #7

Nyctophobia must never be ignored and efforts must be made to treat this disorder, as soon as possible.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 18, 2017, 10:31 [IST]
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