10 Simple And Harmless Folk Remedies

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What are folk remedies? Well, they are remedies which are passed on from one generation to the other. In fact such remedies are traditional methods of treatment.

Every country has its own set of folk remedies which are passed from many generations. Surprisingly, many of the folk remedies do work, though they sound strange.

Also, some of them focus more on prevention rather than cure. Here are some such folk remedies...


Remedy #1

Breathing issues? When the bronchial tubes get constricted, eating onions can surely help. An onion pack on the chest can also ease breathing.


Remedy #2

Eating yoghurt along with honey can prevent hay fever. Before the pollen season arrives, start eating yoghurt regularly.


Remedy #3

Drinking green tea can prevent fatty deposits on the arteries. Also, it can keep your appetite under control.


Remedy #4

Eating fish can prevent headaches. Eating ginger can reduce inflammation.


Remedy #5

Do you know that honey is a tranquilizer? Well, it works as a sedative. If you are unable to sleep on time, consume a teaspoon of honey and try to relax.


Remedy #6

Memory issues? You need zinc. Eat nuts and pumpkin seeds to boost memory.


Remedy #7

In order to prevent bladder infection, you can drink cranberry juice. It can control bacteria.


Remedy #8

Eating pineapple can prevent bone problems like osteoporosis.


Remedy #9

If your stomach is upset, eat a banana and see. If you are suffering from morning sickness, eat a small piece of ginger.


Remedy #10

Fish like tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel prevent arthritis.

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