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Changes In Leg/Foot That Can Indicate Serious Health Issues

By Sravia Sivaram

Some changes in legs or feet can occur due to poor nutrition, hard work or changes in the pressure. Some leg problems can indicate serious health issues.

Hence it is recommended that you never overlook the several changes that can occur in your legs. They can be related to many health complications that might be happening in your body.

Some of these changes can indicate symptoms of kidney problems, cardiac problems, thrombosis in foot, etc.

Therefore it is very important that you be aware of the changes that take place in your legs without fail.

By noticing these symptoms on time, you can actually evict several dangerous health complications before its too late.

In this article we have listed some of the changes in the legs that you need to be aware of. Read further to know!


1. Kidney Troubles:

If the kidneys don't function properly, then the excess fluids exit the body with some difficulties. This can cause edema. If the pain resembles an electric shock, then this is a symptom. Hence you must never overlook this symptom of kidney problems.


2. Venous Insufficiency:

If you have this condition, then the blood moves from the limbs to the heart with difficulties. This happens when the venous valves are weakened or damaged. This can cause swelling of the ankles and lead to heavy legs.


3. Cardiac Insufficiency:

During this condition, one or two cardiac chambers lose their ability to push the blood effectively. When this happens, blood gets accumulated in the lower limbs. Swelling of legs and pain are some of the symptoms that come along with it.


4. Thrombosis:

Swelling of one or both legs may signal deep venous thrombosis. This is a very serious condition and requires immediate medical attention. Hence this is one of the main symptoms of thrombosis in the foot.


5. Liver Problems:

You can spot the symptoms of liver problems easily by the functioning of your liver. If the liver is malfunctioning, then the limbs will start swelling and vascular spiders will appear. This occurs due to trouble in the blood flow between intestine, spleen, pancreas and liver. You must never overlook this symptom of liver problems.


6. Thyroid Gland Problems:

Your leg condition can detect thyroid problems. Some of the symptoms will be swollen legs, muscle spasms and feeling cold.


7. Atherosclerosis:

During this time, the feet receives too little blood and makes it pale. This can cause extreme pain. People often neglect these symptoms, but these can actually lead to serious complications.


8. Diabetes:

If you have diabetes, then even the smallest of the leg problems can cause serious wounds. This is also accompanied by nerve damage.

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