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Is Acne In Private Parts Dangerous?

The first doubt that comes to your head when you see a pimple on your private parts is whether you contracted an STI! Many people think that only sexually transmitted diseases cause pimples near private parts. Well, a pimple could be simply due to acne.

Acne can happen almost everywhere and anywhere on the body. The private parts are no exception. When the pores on your skin get clogged due to any reason including bacteria or debris, acne occurs.

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The only difference with vaginal pimples and pimples in other areas is the pain. Yes, vaginal pimples are more painful and cause great discomfort.

Here are some more reasons for acne down there.


Hormonal Issues

Just like the skin on your face, even the skin near the private parts can also develop acne due to the same reason. Hormonal issues and overgrowth of bacteria can cause acne.

Eat foods that balance your hormones. They include cruciferous vegetables, flaxseeds and healthy fats.

Ingrown Pubic Hair

Frequent waxing or shaving down there could cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs too. It is better to let the hair be there. If it grows too long, cutting it is better than shaving it as shaving could irritate your skin too.

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Tight Undergarments

One reason for the pimples down there is tight undergarments which don't allow your skin to breathe. The bacteria can breed well in moist, dark and wet areas.

Cleaning Products

Careful cleaning is required. Some soaps can disturb the pH value of the pubic area. This may cause itchy sensation, odour and even irritation.

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Sweat During Sleep

If you are suffering from acne near your privates then sleeping naked is an important measure to follow. Sweat worsens the issue. If you sleep naked, your skin will breathe well.


Consult a doctor and get some medication prescribed. Actually sometimes, those pimples go away by themselves without any treatment.


Wear breathable undergarments. Prefer cotton panties. Wash the area only with water. Don't use soap. Keep the area dry. Never scratch the pimple. Use antibiotic solution topically over the area if you pop the pimple by mistake.

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