Your Pimples Can Be Signs Of These Disorders!

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Our first reaction to developing pimples, especially on the face, is being unhappy that our complexion is blemished, right? Well, did you know that pimples that develop on different parts of your face can be signs of certain disorders?

Acne, or pimples, is one of the most common skin ailments that people are affected by, irrespective of sex and it usually develops after a person hits puberty.

Pimples can be described as undesirable bumps that develop on the skin, when the pores are infected, due to various causes.

Most times, pimples can be painful, as they are filled with pus. There are different varieties of acne that can affect people, such as, cystic acne, severe acne, papules, rosacea, etc.

Now, many of us may have noticed a cluster of pimples may appear in abundance on particular parts of the face.

So, if you want to know what a pimple developed on a particular part of your face signifies, read on!


1. Forehead

If you constantly develop pimples just on your forehead, it could be a symptom of stress or even digestive disorders that can cause hormonal imbalances, giving rise to acne.


2. Between The Eyebrows

Eating excess amounts of greasy foods can stimulate the production of sebum in your T-zone and cause acne between the eyebrows.


3. Cheeks

Pimples on the cheek can be a sign of exposure to pollution and dust on a regular basis or lack of a hygienic skin care routine. Also, cheek pimples can also signify that your blood sugar levels may be too high!


4. Chin

If you notice that you are constantly developing acne on your chin, then it could mean that your hormones are out of whack and you must get tested for disorders like PCOS.


5. Temple

Pimples on the lower cheek or near the temple region can signify certain lung disorders, and acne in this region is usually seen in people who smoke.


6. Ear

In rare cases, people do notice acne development on or around their ears, this could mean that they are suffering from kidney ailments and must get tested immediately.


7. Upper Lip

If you notice the development of pimples on the upper part of your lips, it could signify potential heart ailments or can also mean that there are toxins accumulated in your liver.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 11:50 [IST]
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