Which Food You Must Eat Based On Your Blood Group To Prevent Diseases

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We all have a certain type of a blood group and it has been seen there is a link between our health condition and the blood group that we have. It has also been shown that we may have a peculiar nature based on the type of our blood group.

Now coming to the health part, it has been shown in a study that based on the blood group we have, the risk of developing certain diseases are more. For example, people with a blood group O have a higher risk for stomach ulcers but can have a lower risk of a heart disease.

Similarly, people with blood group A have a higher risk of developing infections caused by bacteria, virus or fungi. Women with blood group A have a higher risk of infertility.

People with blood group AB and B have a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. However, if you take proper precaution by eating the best foods according to your blood group, the risk of certain diseases can get nullified.

Read on the article to find out about the foods you must eat based on your blood group.


Type A Blood Group

People with this blood group have a very sensitive immune syatem and must take good care of their immune system. They also have a lower capacity to digest meat. Therefore, they must limit the consumption of chicken, fish and mutton. They must eat carrots, peaches, green leafy vegetables, figs, peaches, pears, garlic, broccoli and avocado.


Avoid Dairy Products And Eggs For A Blood Group

People with the A blood group type must avoid all dairy products, white rice and eggs. Instead of that they can eat yogurt, goat cheese, kefir or soy milk.


Type B Blood Group

You must eat more of pineapples, bananas, grapes and green leafs. Eat lots of fish and mutton. People with type B must prefer to eat turkey over chicken.


Dairy And Eggs Are Safe For B Blood Group

For the type B blood group people eating dairy and eggs are safe, as they can digest it well without getting it deposited as fat.


Type AB Blood

This is a rare blood group, as less than 5 percent of people have this blood group. People having this blood group have the combined characteristics of blood group A and B. Unfortunately, the meat they eat will get easily stored as fat, as they have a low stomach acid. Hence, AB blood group people must eat more vegetables and fruits. Eggs also go well with these people.


Cutting On Red Meat And Eating Dairy For AB Blood Group

People with blood group AB must cut down on all sorts of meat, especially red meat, as it gets converted into fat. However, their body can handle dairy products well and they can eat cheese, butter and other milk products.


Type 0 Blood

People with this blood group must eat a high-protein diet in the form of pulses, meat, chicken, etc. They also need fruits, vegetables and sea food.

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