Worst Condiments You Could Eat

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A condiment is something used to improve the flavour of food. Ketchup, mustard sauce, sour cream, several sauces and spices are common condiments. Every one of these enhances the flavour of the foods they are served in or with. But are you aware of the worst condiments that you are eating?

International condiments include miso, soybean sauce and hummus. Ketchup, mustard and mayo are popular toppings used for hotdogs and burgers. Sour cream and guacamole are condiments most used in tacos and nacho chips, while various types of dressings add the finishing touch to salads.

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Ketchup is one of the worst condiments that you could end up eating. It has tomatoes, no doubt, which are good for health, but these are also high in sugar content that can prove to be harmful for your body. Hence, go for sun-dried tomatoes instead.

worst condiments you could eat

Barbecue sauce is another condiment that is very harmful for the body. It contains high quantities of corn sugar syrup and certain chemicals that have proved to be carcinogenic. So to protect yourself from these harmful ingredients, instead of the barbecue sauce, go for natural herbs.

worst condiments you could eat

Light salad dressings are another condiment that cause harm to the body. These might not contain fat like the regular salad dressings, but these are high in sugar content and contain emulsifiers that give these the required thickness. These ingredients are harmful for the body.

worst condiments you could eat

Conventional mayonnaise is another very bad condiment that you have been consuming for a long time. This is because it is made from soyabean oil which according to research has been proven to increase the risk of high blood sugar and weight gain.

Honey mustard is again one of the worst condiments you might be consuming. This is high in sugar content as sweet corn sugar is used to prepare this condiment, instead of honey. So, for a healthy honey mustard condiment, prepare this at home.

worst condiments you could eat

Tartar sauce is a well known condiment used for adding flavour to fish and fried fillets. This is also one of the worst condiments as it is a mixture of mayonnaise and pickles.

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