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Why You Need Foot Massage Before Bed

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Whether you realise it or not you place a lot of stress on your feet. You walk with them, stand on them and run throwing your weight on them but you seldom care for them.

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A foot massage can be relaxing and can also promote your health both physically and mentally. In fact, foot massage is an integral part of reflexology.

What most of us don't know is the fact that feet have nerve endings which are direct connections to various organs in the body.

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So, stimulating those nerve endings may offer a therapeutic effect. But only trained experts can offer a healing massage to your feet. But if you just wish to enhance the blood circulation in your feet and enjoy the relaxing effect, you can massage your feet using your own hands. Now, here are the benefits.


Benefit #1

As a foot massage enhances the flow of energy and stimulates certain points in the feet, you will be able to fall asleep faster and enjoy quality sleep.


Benefit #2

Stimulating certain points in the feet can minimise low-back pain. Of course, only an expert can offer such a massage.


Benefit #3

Pressing certain points in the feet, you will be able to allow your body to relax well. This will reduce your anxiety and stress.


Benefit #4

Your clothes, lifestyle and foot wear tend to hamper the blood circulation to your feet. A massage can normalise the circulation again.


Benefit #5

Stiff and swollen legs could be due to poor blood circulation. Regular foot massage could prevent such problems.


Benefit #6

Certain studies also claim that foot massage before bed could lower the blood pressure.


Benefit #7

As a foot massage stretches the muscles, even your foot pain will vanish.

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