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Why Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

By: Sneha A

Just like how a good diet and workout regimen are necessary for a healthy body and mind of a person, so is a proper amount of sleep. A good sleep is not only about sleeping for long hours but also about having a quality sleep.

We all are aware of the fact that the most important purpose of sleep is to let the human brain repair itself and recover from the exhaustion of the day.

Hence, what we must understand from this is that, the more we use our brain during the day, the more rest and hours of sleep we will need.

When one is in deep sleep, the cortex of the brain unhooks itself from the senses and the activities of the other parts of the brain, which are responsible for language, thought, memory, etc, get revitalised.

In recent times, studies have shown that women need to sleep more than men. Scientists, after a number of researches, have come up to this conclusion that the brains of women need longer hours of rest in preparing for the next day.

The following are a few points that'll actually back up these claims and state the most important reasons as to why women need more sleep than men, have a look.


Why Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

1. Women Are Biologically Different From Men: The biological condition in women is very different. They go through a massive change in the levels of hormones throughout the month.

Again conditions like pregnancy and menopause also cause their hormones to go crazy, and this causes a great effect on their sleep pattern too. It becomes more necessary for women to have a really good night’s sleep because the right amount and quality of sleep is very important for women.

Why Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

2. Women's Brain Is Put To Use More, Needs More Time To Be Recovered: Some people say that the brain of a woman is wired in a different manner from that of a man; and this is why women need to sleep more.

It is considered to be more complex and is also said to be in more use than a man’s brain, even during the everyday chores of home as well as office. As the brain of a woman works more than that of a man, studies claim that it requires more time to recover as well.

Why Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

3. A Woman's Brain Is Certainly More Complex: It is the complexity of the brain of a woman that researchers now say that women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men do. Deprivation from good quality of sleep can strongly affect the psychological condition of a woman.


Women Are Known For Multitasking

4. It Affects A Woman's Mental Being: Problems like depression, anger, distress, irritation, etc, can arise due to the lack of a proper amount of sleep. On the contrary, if men suffer from lack of sleep, they do not show such signs of sleep deprivation. Many other health risks can arise due to an insufficient sleeping time.

Why Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

5. Women Are Known For Multitasking: They can watch television, chop veggies and talk on the phone, all at the same time, and that too with great efficiency. Be it office or home, women tend to handle a number of jobs at one go.

This forces them to use their brain a lot more than men do and hence they do need more relaxing time than men. However, it would be unfair if we do not mention the fact that men who have a lot of mental work at their offices also need longer hours of rest.

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