Why Should You Include Fat In Your Diet?

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People have become so conscious of their figure nowadays that they want to cut out all the fat from their diet to look slim. This is not good. You need to include fats in your diet in order to stay healthy. Lack of fat in a person's diet has been linked to certain diseases including cancer, diabetes mellitus and heart issues.

Fats support a number of functions related to the brain including learning, memory and mood. Failing to consume enough of fat may prevent the brain from performing these essential functions. It is vital for the maintenance of a healthful brain.

why you should include fat in your diet

Fat defends the liver from a number of harmful materials like alcohol and drugs. Also, studies have shown that it helps remove fatty deposits out of your liver. Each one of these factors imply that fat is an essential nutrient for maintaining good liver health.

Fats are an integral part of your nervous system. They are used as messengers that influence digestion, insulin release and more. Fat is utilized by your nervous system to produce hormones.

why you should include fat in your diet

Failure to eat enough fat prevents your nervous system from operating efficiently and has a negative effect on your health. You need to consume sufficient amounts of fat to preserve optimal nervous system function.

While the common belief is that fat increases your risk of heart problems, the opposite is in fact true. Eating fat reduces the degrees of lipoprotein inside your blood. Blood degrees of lipoprotein have now been directly correlated with the risk of heart problems. Eating fat can protect you from heart problems and lower your risk of heart diseases.

why you should include fat in your diet

Fats are utilized as the building blocks for strong cell walls. Approximately fifty percent of your cell walls are built from fat. Not only does fat assist your cell walls to remain rigid, it also prevents undesirable materials from entering the cells.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 6, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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