Why Is It Difficult To Control Cravings

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A new study says that any habit tends to leave a mark on certain areas of the brain. This drives us to satisfy our cravings every now and then.
The main aim of the study was to find the reason why we tend to run after certain habits like smoking or eating sweets. In fact, certain habits become ingrained in the mind.

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Researchers are trying to figure out a way to target certain connections and circuits in the brain to see whether we will be able to easily get rid of bad habits and cultivate good habits.

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In fact, addictions are dangerous as they make a person lose control over self. Also, one addiction might lead to other addiction. Also, addictions may spoil health both mentally and physically. In fact, they also ruin relationships. It all starts with a craving and then becomes a habit and an addiction that spoils the beauty of life.


Tip #1

We tend to eat whenever sugar carvings hit us. At least once, try to negate that craving the moment it hits you. If your brains says you need sweet, tell yourself that you can do without it. Try it only once and gradually, you will be able to control your mind.


Tip #2

When certain images of sweets hit your mind, try to visualise images of weight loss and slim waist and this gives you motivation to control your cravings.


Tip #3

Whenever your carvings hit you, engage yourself in a strenuous activity that diverts your mind and also releases endorphins in you.


Tip #4

If your loved one is around, hug him or her. This releases feel good chemicals that reward your system and compensate for the craving.


Tip #5

Try meditation and breathing exercises. As they have a calming effect on your system, you will gradually be able to control your habits effortlessly.


Tip #6

Try to drink green juice whenever your cravings hit you. This will gradually turn you healthier.


Tip #7

If your cravings still persist, eat a a very small piece of that cookie and satisfy your carvings. Portion size matters a lot. Keeping it to the minimum would keep you healthy.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 24, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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