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Ways To Keep Yourself Happy

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Can you believe that everything in you is just a chemical reaction? Yes, your thoughts, your actions and even your moods are a result of certain chemical reactions.

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Yes, even your happiness is a chemical reaction. In fact, when your brain releases certain feel good chemicals, you tend to feel happy. In fact, even depression is a chemical state of mind and you can prevent it if you consciously try to keep yourself happy all the time.

We all know that workouts release endorphins to keep you happy and relaxed. In the same way, there are several other ways to keep yourself happy. Try those methods whenever you feel a bit low and notice the difference immediately.

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You don't need a bottle of beer or a cigarette to make your moods better. Look at the below steps and try them.


Play With Pets

Yes, even pets boost oxytocin and endorphins in you. You will surely feel good instantly when you play with pets.


Hug Your Loved One

As hugs release oxytocin which keeps you happy and calm, hug your partner tight for a moment. This is good way to release some happy chemicals instantly.


Remember Good Times

Your sweet memories can boost serotonin levels whenever you remember them again. So do it when you are free to feel happy.


Smile Often

A smile can instantly boost your mood. Lie down on the grass, look at the sky, feel grateful for life and smile. It can instantly boost certain feel good chemicals in your mind.


Enjoy The Sun

Yes, even sunlight has the potential to boost serotonin levels. But don't overexpose yourself and also don't forget to apply sunscreen. Prefer morning sun to avoid UV rays.


Consume Probiotics

A study claims that there is a link between the gut bacteria and your brain. Try to consume some probiotics to keep the gut bacteria happy.


Surround Yourself With People

Socialising also boosts oxytocin and makes you feel good. Even if you are an introvert, be around people and see the difference. You don't need to talk; just be. In fact, working together with others also makes you feel good.


Record Your Feelings

When you feel disturbed, start writing your feelings on a paper and don't stop until you feel better. Studies claim that doing this can reduce the internal activity in certain areas of your brain.


Breathe Deeply

A study claims that even deep breathing helps calm down and feel good if done methodically and daily.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 15:28 [IST]
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