What Happens When Your Thyroid Gland Gets Affected?

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The thyroid gland is an important part of our body that regulates the functioning of our body in various ways. When this gland stops working properly, it plays havoc. Some of the things that the thyroid gland can mess with are discussed in this article.

Individuals could experience extreme fatigue if the thyroid gland stops working properly. This results in low energy levels. All that people want to do in this condition is sleep.

thyroid disease symptoms

It can lead to heart troubles. People who suffer from hyperthyroidism have their hearts beating faster. This puts undue pressure on the heart and could lead to heart issues in the long run. An under active thyroid may cause heart disease by raising the cholesterol level.

You are more inclined to have serious infections if your thyroid does not work properly. With a faulty thyroid gland, you have greater risks of developing bacterial and viral infections.

thyroid disease symptoms

Your thyroid hormones help control your cell metabolism speed. Hence, if you have thyroid problems, you can end up either gaining weight or losing weight drastically.

Another one of the adverse effects of hypothyroidism in women is abortion and infertility. Studies show that women who have an under active thyroid during pregnancy, have more miscarriages than women who do not. This is often the most serious of all adverse effects of hypothyroidism.

thyroid disease symptoms

Myxedema is not actually that common, because it typically happens when you have had hypothyroidism for a rather long time, and it was never treated. This generally comes in the form of leg cramps and issues with your heart due to limited blood circulation.

If your thyroid gland stops working properly, you can end up with skin problems. This results from bad blood circulation and your skin often becomes dry and chapped.

thyroid disease symptoms

Get your thyroid gland checked if you suffer from depression. It also causes lethargy and people who suffer in such cases end up confined to their beds for days, weeks and even months.

Hence, if you notice these symptoms, get yourself checked at the earliest.

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