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What Happens When You Give Up Alcohol For 21 Days?

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Are you someone who takes "occasional drinking" up a notch and indulges in drinking alcohol at least a few times in a week? Then, you must learn about what happens to your health when you completely give up on alcohol for 21 days.

These days, drinking has become quite the norm during most social events. There are a number of trendy watering holes in the cities that are inviting enough to make people spend time in them, at least a few times in a week.

Apart from that, things like long work hours, work pressure, stress, etc., make people want to unwind with alcohol the minute they get some time.

So, normally, most people, specially in metro cities, indulge in drinking alcohol almost every week, making it somewhat of a habit.

A few surveys on these issues have noted that the number of people who drink alcohol on a regular basis has drastically increased this decade.

As we know, alcohol can have fatal side effects, including liver cancer.

So, learn about what are some of the good things that can happen to your body when you stop drinking for 21 days.


1. Weight Loss

As alcohol is acidic in nature, it can cause your appetite to increase, making you gain more calories. So, giving up on alcohol for 21 days can help you lose some kilos.


2. Clearer Complexion

Regular alcohol consumption is linked with the development of acne, so if you do quit alcohol for at least 21 days, your skin may turn clearer and acne free!


3. Cholesterol Level Drops

As alcohol is rich in sugar and fat content, it can lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, so when you quit drinking, your cholesterol levels drop.


4. Prevents Diabetes

As giving up on alcohol for at least 21 days can stabilize your blood sugar levels, diseases like diabetes can be prevented effectively.


5. Improved Brain Health

Drinking excess alcohol is known to cause degeneration of the brain cells, so when you stop drinking, you can have a better brain health and cognitive function.


6. Better Muscle Mass Development

Drinking alcohol can lead to muscle wasting, so when you give up on alcohol, you can have an improved muscle growth.


7. Improved Immune System

By giving up on drinking for at least 21 days, your immune system will get stronger, so you can stay free from a number of ailments!

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