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What Happens When You Kick Soda Can

By: Shubham Ghosh

Soda, like tobacco, alcohol or drugs, is also an addiction and like every other addiction it can also leave a long-term damage on our body. As researchers are unearthing more ill-effects of soda on human body, it is high time you kiss it goodbye or at least reduce its consumption to a considerable extent.

Your body organs will response better to the new habit and your health will thank you.Here are some of the amazing benefits that giving up soda can bring to your health:


1. Less hunger:

Artificial sweeteners like soda make you crave for more sweet since they affect our satiety. So when you drink them, your stomach muscles relax so that you can eat more and your body looks for more high-calorie stuff, making you go for a food hunt. Instead of going for soda, go for fruits.


2. Losing weight:

Closely related to the first point, comes this. As you will lose hunger because of reduced soda intake, chances of you gaining calorie will go down. Besides, the no-nutrition soda stops you from shedding kilos. Though diet drinks are said to be calorie free, yet they lead to release of insulin since the artificial sweeteners taste like sugar. High insulin, which is a fat-storage hormone, prevents you from losing weight. Go for drink tea instead of diet soda.


3. Less sickness:

Sodas are too harmful for our health. They affect our digestive system, erode tooth enamel and worsen the acid reflux. Sweeteners impact the friendly bacteria in our stomach and that can take a toll on our immune system against growing blood sugar, weight or any infection. Even small intake of sodas make you highly vulnerable to diabetes, bad cholesterol and heart diseases.


4. Looking younger:

As our cells divide, telomeres or compound structures at the end of the gene-protecting chromosomes get shortened and it causes all the age-related complications. Artificial sweeteners like soda is associated with telomere shortness and it paves the way for diabetes and heart problems. Sweetened sodas are as harmful as smoking when it comes to ageing of cells.


5. Stronger bones:

The caramel colour in soda has artificial phosphorus which is bad for bone's health in the long run. Unlike natural phosphorus, the distorted one is very harmful which makes it immensely difficult for your body to respond to it after you drink the soda. The harmful chemical can leak calcium out of your bones and be particularly bad for kidney patients.


6. More energy:

Though we drink soda mainly to regather energy but actually the opposite holds true. If you really experience fatigue too soon, go for natural energisers instead of the harmful sodas. By giving up soda to find more natural energy-supplying food, you are actually helping yourself in a big way. Eating natural ingredients makes your body healthy in more than one way.


7. Getting rid of hidden fats:

Your body has hidden fats (like liver and skeletal) that are difficult to see with naked eyes but can cause you much health problem, even without you knowing it. Hence cutting down on soda intake can save you from a lot of trouble. Take plant-based proteins instead.


8. Healthier organs:

Soda intake can put a number of your key organs like heart, brain, kidneys, and reproductive organs in trouble. Thus, put a check on it.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 5:30 [IST]
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