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What Happens When You Become A Victim Of Stress ?

By Super Admin

Is there anyone who does not suffer from stress nowadays? The answer is no. All of us are victims of stress, the difference is only in the degree of stress that we all suffer from. However, there are some individuals who suffer from extreme levels of stress and this can prove to be fatal in the long run.

It is possible to be affected by stress due to numerous reasons such as work pressure, changing weather, relationships, financial issues and family. It has been found that virtually every person is stressed due to several reasons.

When a man suffers from serious stress issues, he is bound to encounter a meltdown. The primary feature of a meltdown typically entails some sudden failure of the thinking process of that person. This implies that someone who normally follows a set design of behaviours may instantly break from the routine.

Individual day to day responsibilities are avoided and become worse as days pass. The person with mental dysfunction tends to lose the attention and the capability to function as an ordinary person.

He tries to avoid communicating with his friends and family. At times, these people are even unable to eat or dress properly. It is hence obvious that this individual is experiencing a nervous breakdown.

Sometimes severe worry, nervousness and depression might lead to mental disorders in individuals. When this stress goes on growing there is a possibility that the individual might suffer from some physical and emotional abnormalities.

Stress is not a disease, but you should think about this fact that in today's situation, stress is the primary cause of some major health risks. Depression, acidity, hypertension and even myocardial infarction are rooted in stress.

Stress management is a stress-reducing technique that individuals follow nowadays to reduce the stress levels. Exercise on a regular basis because when an individual exercises the body is relaxed.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and a proper diet as it is vital for effective stress management. By talking to others you can share the ideas and emotions with friends and family and this has always helped to reduce the amount of stress. Prayers and meditation also help in stress reduction.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 23, 2016, 16:30 [IST]