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What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Making Love?

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Have things for you and your partner been dull in the bedroom department lately?

Do you feel like it has been ages since you had some fun intimate times with your partner? Well, that can be quite disappointing!

Sexual intercourse can be an experience that is a mixture of excitement, fun and satisfaction.

So, when you aren't having enough sex or no sex at all with your partner, it can lead to frustration, boredom and even a rift in your relationship!

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May be you travel too much or work too much and do not have enough time to indulge in sex, you are not attracted to your partner anymore, you are single, whatever the reason might be, lack of sex can be rather exasperating!

Apart from being a fun-filled activity, which helps you bond with your partner in the most intimate way, sex can also have numerous health benefits.

Just like hunger and thirst, the need for sex is also a primal instinct that exists in every human being. When this urge gets suppressed, it can lead to negative consequences.

Have a look at some of the negative effects lack of sex can have on your health.


1. Flu

Research studies have found that a healthy sex life can strengthen your immune system, so lack of regular sex can make you more susceptible to common cold and flu!


2. Cardiovascular System Weakens

Sex promotes a healthy blood flow to the heart, so if you are going through a "dry spell", chances are that your cardiovascular health could suffer!


3. Depression

Sex is known to be one of the best natural ways to reduce depression and anxiety, as endorphins are released in the brain during sex; and endorphins, known as the 'happy hormones', can reduce anxiety and depression!


4. Erectile Dysfunction

Research studies have shown that, many a times, when men go without sex for too long, their chances of erectile dysfunction increases!


5. Loss Of Libido

Lack of sex, for a long time, can induce lack of sex drive in both men and women, which can be a bad thing when they actually want to have sex, but cannot!


6. Weakened Brain Health

Studies have shown that regular sexual activity boosts the growth of neurons in the brain, thereby improving brain functions like memory, emotional balance, intelligence, etc.


7. Weight Gain

In many people, especially women, lack of sex can lead to depression and hormonal changes, which may in turn lead to them gaining weight!

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