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What Happens To Your Body When You Hug Someone?

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What is the first thing that most of us do when we see a friend or a loved one after a long time? We give them a long, tight hug!

Well, hugging is a social etiquette or a display of affection, which is unique to human beings.

As we may be aware of, the human nervous system is made up of neurotransmitters, which get activated by chemicals and hormones. Every emotion in the human brain is triggered by a chemical reaction.

Even the act of hugging someone, which is triggered by a sense of affection or love for the other person, is also due to chemical responses happening in the human brain.

We may have heard of the numerous health benefits of walking, running, eating healthy, meditating and even indulging in sexual intercourse!

However, did you know that even an act, as simple as hugging, can boost your health in many different ways?

Yes, it is true, many research studies have concluded that hugging someone can prove to be an especially healthy act.

So, find out what are some of the benefits of hugging and hug your way to health!


1. Instant Relaxation

While hugging another person, your brain releases some amount of dopamine, which can bring in a sense of calm and also relax your nerves instantly.


2. Reduces Pain

Hugging can also release endorphins in your brain, which is a hormone responsible for reducing body pain effectively!


3. Treats Depression

Since hugging helps increase the dopamine levels in the brain, it can treat depression to a considerable extent, as depression is caused by the lack of dopamine in the brain.


4. Balances Mood Swings

The act of hugging regulates the production of mood-related hormones and chemicals in the brain, thereby reducing mood swings.


5. Treats Parkinson's Disease

As Parkinson's disease is linked with lowered dopamine levels in the brain, hugging a patient can make him/her feel a lot better!


6. Improves The Immune System

As the act of hugging reduces the stress hormones that affect the immune system negatively, it can keep you hale and healthy!


7. Improves Heart Health

While you are being hugged, your body relaxes and your heart rate is balanced out, so hugging can also keep your heart in a healthy state!

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 14:36 [IST]
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