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What Happens To Your Body When You Have A Soft Drink

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Soft drinks is sometimes a staple drink for all of us, be it a child, adult or an elderly person. We all love sipping on the caffeine-laden sweet drink that makes us feel wow!

Be it any occasion, a wedding, friend's birthday or a meeting, we all welcome that cold bottle or a can of soft drinks. We usually overlook the harmful effects of a soft drink, as we are too addicted to it.

Some even say that soft drinks are harmless and prefer to drink it when sick. This is true , however, in some way, as the caffeine in the soft drink makes you feel mentally and physically alert.

This is the way in which soft drinks fake your well-being by giving you a false kick of pleasure like the addictive drugs such as heroine.

Soft drinks are the main reason for growing diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain in adults. Hence, you must limit its consumption, as it can also push you towards more sugar cravings and make you yearn for more sugary foods.

Therefore, read the article to find out what happens to your body when you drink a can/bottle of your favourite soft drink.


After 10 Minutes, Your Body Gets Filled With Sugar

Having a can of soft drink is equivalent to having 10 teaspoons of sugar at once, which is far more than the daily recommended allowance of sugar. The phosphoric acid added in the soft drink will also prevent your body from reacting to the excess sugar. This is the reason you don't vomit after having so much of sugar.


After 20 Minutes, Insulin Gets Secreted To Remove Excess Sugar

Your blood sugar rises, which causes the secretion of insulin to remove the excess sugar from your blood. Your liver converts this excess sugar into fat.


After 40 Minutes, Caffeine Enters The Blood

The caffeine present in a soft drink completely enters into the blood vessels. This causes your blood pressure to rise and the pupils of your eyes to dilate. Hence, you will feel active and alive, as the adenosine receptors in the brain will be blocked by the caffeine molecules.


After 45 Minutes, You Get A Kick

You will feel happy, as the pleasure centre in the brain will be stimulated. Your soft drink will have the same effect as that of any addictive drug such as heroin. You will get high or a kick and will experience a peak level of happy emotions.


After 60 Minutes, Your Body Loses Calcium

There will be loss of calcium from your body through the stools, as the phosphoric acid present in soft drinks will bind with calcium, magnesium and zinc present in the intestines, preventing their absorption into the body, and thus removing them from the body in the form of stools.


Harmful Effects On The Liver

Consuming too much of soft drinks can put your liver under a high risk of damage. The chemicals present in a soft drink may also cause cirrhosis of the liver.


Risk Of Diabetes And Obesity

Soft drinks are the main culprits behind a high sugar level in the blood, as a single can of soft drink can fill your body with a good amount of sugar. The sugar present in soft drinks is 100 percent more than the daily recommended sugar intake. Hence, this causes weight gain and diabetes.

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