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Reasons For Sticky Poop

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Do you know the fact that your poop tells a lot about your health condition? It can also tell if your gastrointestinal tract is functioning well. Excreta can also determine whether there are infections in your digestive system and it can also determine disorders like colon cancer too.

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Excreta contains waste matter, bile, bacteria and dead cells. The colour, shape, size and consistency of the waste material tells a lot about your internal condition. But why does it appear sticky sometimes?

Both black stools and sticky stools that float tell you that something is wrong. Black colour could be due to internal bleeding. Sticky stools could be due to improper digestion, food intolerance or even pancreatitis. Only a doctor can tell.

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If your stool seems to be sticky, try drinking more water, eating fruits and vegetables and reduce stress. Exercise regularly and consult a doctor to get yourself tested.


Reason #1

Your liver secretes Bilirubin which passes through the intestines where bacteria acts on it and changes its chemical composition. This could change the colour of the stool.


Reason #2

Sometimes, dark and sticky poop could be due to improper absorption of certain protein-rich foods.


Reason #3

Sometimes, excessive fat consumption could change the nature of the stool. Unhealthy cholesterol and fatty substances are excreted and this could make the stool stocky.


Reason #4

Bleeding in the stomach or intestines could also cause black and sticky poop. Visit a doctor immediately to identify the reason.


Reason #5

Food intolerance is another reason. If you are allergic to certain foods, the poop may turn sticky. Gluten and lactose intolerance are examples.


Reason #6

If you detect any change in the colour or consistency in your excreta, make it a point to get your health condition examined by a doctor.

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