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What Are The Main Causes Of Prostate Cancer

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Although medical progress is being made each day, medical scientists still do not necessarily know precisely what causes cancer of the prostate. However, advances in diagnosis and treatment for cancer of the prostate look very hopeful.

Unhealthy modifications in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes may make a man more susceptible to cancer of the prostate. Researchers are investigating specific genes which could make a man more vulnerable to the cancer as well as genes which may put a man in danger for the cancer from spreading.

Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Rogen, the male bodily hormone that supports healthy growth of the prostate may also cause malignant cell growth in the prostate. Several specialists believe that IGF, or the insulin like growth factor bodily hormone, may also increase the possible risk of cancer of the prostate.

Some researchers believe that the man who continues to be exposed to radiation or toxins may end up with prostate cancer. Inflammation may also add to the potential risk of getting cancer of the prostate.

Very few men get cancer of the prostate before the age of 40. The chances increase significantly after the age of 50. Men who smoke appear to be at an increased risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Causes Of Prostate Cancer

The risk is especially higher for males who have had prostatitis, vasectomies or STDs. Medical researchers are always searching for much better ways to identify and address cancer of the prostate.

Researchers are also looking at diet and lifestyle habits that may prevent cancer of the prostate. Studies show that the lycopenes present in tomato and isoflavones found in soy can prevent the cancer. There is also evidence that vitamin D can protect against aggressive cancer of the prostate.

Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Medical professionals are trying to find ways to detect and treat cancer of the prostate. They are beginning to question the truth of the prostate specific antigen test. The test might give a lot of false positives and negatives. They are attempting to make the PSA evaluation more accurate and develop tests that may find abnormal genes.

More accurate analytical procedures are on the way. Rather than ultrasound tests, physicians can now use a coloured doppler to detect tumours in the prostate. Experts are also attempting to find better treatments for cancer of the prostate while it is still in its early stages.

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